Visualization Therapy: A Brief One

The depth of my commitment equals the level of my success. I know I have said this before. And I say this again because it is true. Success and achievement are always equal to our level of dedication. There is no compromise or easy way out.

If you want something then you have to go all the way. There is no halfway or half throttle. There is only forward. No reverse.

One of my favorite exercises is a visualization process. I not only see this exercise as meaningful but I see this as motivational as well. This is something I do with clients, which I enjoy because the results are truly amazing.

How else can you have something if you don’t know what it looks like?
How can you build something without a visual model to create what you want to build?

There a few important steps to this process. The first step is relaxation process. Second, we relax the body. Third, we create the picture so the mind can see this

Begin by breathing in through the nose. Take a long slow breath. Allow this breath to count to ten and then pause for a 1-2 count. Exhale through your mouth to the count of ten as well.

Repeat this at least three times and then allow the eyes to close. Feel the eyelids shut and all them to relax so that it feels as if even if we wanted to open them, we would not be able to.

Relaxing the body:

Find yourself in a comfortable position. Try and allow your legs to remain uncrossed. Do not cross your arms. Let your body be open; this way the energy you feel will flow through and help relax all the senses.

See your mind as a tunnel and allow your thoughts to pass through. It is okay to have thoughts but you will allow them to pass. Do not be concerned if a thought seems to distract you; this is not a problem. This is your mind doing what it normally does, which is why it is helpful to see your mind as a tunnel and all your thoughts are like tiny vehicles that simply move through.

It is important to continue breathing nice long and slow breaths. Feel free to keep your breathing regular now. Breathe through your nose or mouth or in whichever way helps you to relax most. This will allow the receptors in your brain to pause communication so that your mind will accept this picture you are about to see.

One by one, we will shut down the body and forgive the tension in our shoulders. Forgive all the distractions around you. Disregard any of the noises you may hear and forgive anything that might disturb your attention.
Starting from the top of the spine, feel the energy move down your back, out across trough the top of your shoulders, down your arms through your  biceps and through your forearms; feel the change move through your wrists, through the palm of your hand and allow the energy to move through the tips of your fingers.

The same energy moves along through your spine, taking away all the stress and intercepting all the messages of discomfort. You are relaxed now and feeling yourself move into an even more relaxed state as the energy moves down through your spine, through your hips, through your thighs, down through your knees and then your calves. The energy goes all the way down through your ankles, through the soles of your feet, and through the tips of your toes.

At this point your body is like a conduit of energy that takes away the stress and distraction.

Your breaths are slow and calming. Imagine your breaths like calm gentle waves that fall upon the shoreline; as the waves come in, they cleanse the sand and replenish the Earth. When you exhale the waves return to sea and take away the unwanted sediment and debris which we no longer need.

This will become your rhythm. Your eyes are closed. Your face is relaxed. Our jawbone is relaxed. There is no tension or clenching of any muscle. The temples at the side of your face are relaxed, which is important because this is the coverlet over the pulse that delivers blood to the brain.

As you find yourself relaxed and calm; you start to see yourself, at home, in the morning. Your alarm has sounded and you wake up. You head over to the bathroom to wash your face and brush your teeth.
You see yourself getting ready for your day.

You see yourself moving through your morning routine. There are no worries. There is no concern. Your day is set. When the time to leave comes, you gather your things. You have all of your paperwork and everything you need to complete the tasks of your day.

Your business is flourishing. Your desk is organized. You know which way to go and what to do. As you leave your home, you close the door behind you. See yourself and notice your surroundings. Notice the trees. Notice the street you live on. In your imagination, you see yourself taking in a deep breath; this inhale represents the feeling of achievement. You know what your plan is and you understand your strategy to achieve it.

There is no distraction. There are reasons to worry because you have earned this dream. You have created your life to look the way you want it to. You have built your business and the career you love. You are important and valuable.
You are happily detached from the stressful relationships. There is no tension between you and anyone else because you have come to a better level of personal consciousness, which allowed you to achieve a new state of awareness, and has given you a clear understanding of self. You no longer own anyone else’s struggles and you are now free to move through your life the way you choose to live it.

You see yourself on your way to work, passing through the streets you normally go down, and then you achieve each task you’ve set throughout the day.

At the end of the day, you shut down all of your equipment. You turn off the lights in your place of business and close the door behind you. On your way home, you realize that you have successfully achieved another day in the life you’ve chosen to create.

When you come home, you place the key in your door; you swing the door open to a room filled exactly the way you’ve always dreamed your place should look like. You are exactly where you want to be. Your home is decorated the way you want it to be decorated with pictures of you and those you love. This is your dream. This is the dream you have within your heart.

Take three deep, long breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. As you inhale, this is you inhaling the essence of your success. Breathing in, you inhale the opportunity

When you exhale, this is you removing any of your preconceived doubts.
You inhale possibility and then you exhale to remove doubt.

This is you. See it now.

When you are ready; open your eyes . . .
And make it so

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