A Mission Statement

There will always be someone out there looking to take a shot at your dreams to knock you down and keep you from being who you want to be. And they do this to weaken your knees.
They do this to loosen your grip, so you let go, and so you slip and fall.
So don’t do it.
Don’t prove them right.

There will always be someone out there looking to prove you wrong. They look for the cracks in your story to see where the can seep in and break your momentum.

They do this to keep you from being you.
They do this to trip you, —and if you fall, then you might be too afraid to get back up again. And this will excuse their inability to try. This will forgive them for not being brave enough to take a shot on their own. More importantly, this will give them permission to be them; meanwhile, all you want to do is be you.
But that can’t happen.
At least, not on their watch.

There will always be someone looking to put doubt in your head. They do this to keep you unsure. They do this to keep you guessing. They keep you worrying to make you overthink your next step.
They do this to keep you too.
This way you become too cautious. You become too careful because the doubt in your mind contradicts the confidence in your heart.

There will always be someone looking to say, “See, I told you so.”
There will always someone there to compliment your complacency and keep you from improvement.

They rationalize your laziness for you.
They capitalize on your loss of dedication.
This way they can keep you in a box,
which limits you to their needs
This way you will never be better than them
(or better than who they need you to be.)

There will always be someone there, faking a smile, and telling you what you want to hear. They’ll tell you, “Great job!” or “You look great.” Meanwhile, they know you’re not at your best. Meanwhile, with all their heart they stand nearby to see you fall to feel better bout themselves.
There are people that do this because if your goals surpass their ability, they will know the truth about themselves. And for them, this is painful.

You dared
They couldn’t.
You tried
They didn’t
End of sentence . . .

People like this come and they come often. They hide in plain sight and their numbers are astounding. They smile with plastic smiles and they offer empty gifts. They do this like it was their job.
And who knows?
Maybe it is.

However . . .
There will always be someone there to push you through and see you to the next step.
You need to open your eyes because just like bad people, good people are hidden in plain sight too.

If you look, I’m sure you’ll find there will be someone there for you to say, “You got this!”
And they’ll stand behind you no matter what.
And they stand firm without any complaint or hesitation because this is what real friends do..

Unlike the opposite who look to hold you back, when you find yourself with the right people; you realize their words match their actions.
Their math always adds up.
There will always be someone there to see you through the worst and watch you rise to your best.

They do this because they care.
They do this because a piece of them thrives because you were able to thrive.
Even if life separates you from them (for whatever reason) their love is always behind you

These are the people you want in your life
Look for them . . .

Come to think of it:
I never pay much attention when I see an enemy growl.
This is their job.
That’s what enemies do

It’s when they smile though. . .
That’s when I pay attention because I know something is in the mail.

And me . . .
And you . . .
We are like this, together, working our way through.

Know why?
Because me and you are on the good side.
We fight the good fight.
And we don’t give up either.

Know why?
Because we have each other

So help me, God

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