About Your Loss

This morning you asked if there was a way to bring someone back from the dead.
Out of everything I have learned in my life, I have learned one certain thing, which is in times like this there are no right words to say.

When it comes to the heartache and the loss of loved one, rest assured, there are no words that can solve the riddle of a broken heart.
I know this.
I know that there is a time for all of us to mourn. There is a time when we rise and there will be a time when we sleep.
Of all things I know, I understand that life is an eventual and inevitable thing. It is inevitable that we will grow and we will age. It is inevitable that at some point, we will eventually approach the evening of our existence.

It would be inaccurate to say that I can say or write anything to you that will change the way you feel. However, I would like to send this to you with all the love I can share with hopes it will comfort you.

Understand that the life we live has been spent together. We are an influence on one another; therefore, we are an extension of each other. Who we are and where we come from are all extensions of this.
And so if this is true, then it must also be true that we are a living, breathing, extension of the people we love.

Understand the eyes in Heaven never blink.
You and I, we blink because we are alive. We are of the flesh. The eyes in heaven are no longer of the flesh.
They are of the spirit.
The eyes of the flesh need to blink. We blink because our eyes need moisture. We close our eyes to use our imagination. We close our eyes to dream or picture something that we cannot land into sight.
The eyes of the Heaven never blink. They don’t have to. They see us through sights more clearly than we could ever possibly imagine.

I believe this.
I believe this wholeheartedly and without question.

Each day we live, we create another memory. This is how we live forever. Our memories are left behind for loved ones. We leave behind an unforgettable footprint.
We leave our mark and our memories so that when we move onward to the other side of our existence, we will leave something behind to warm the hearts of our loved ones that still remain.

Understand that we are all energy. Life is energy.
Einstein said energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change forms. Since our life is energy then our life can never be destroyed. Instead, we just continue, infinitely, eternally, and for all of eternity.

If it is up to me, I will never die. If it is up to me, no one will die and you and me, we can continue to love each other for as long as life shall live. But it is not up to me. And since it is not up to me then I will hold the energy of my loved ones and their memory; infinitely, eternally. and for all of eternity

I have news for you.
There is nothing so strong as a mother’s love. It can reach through stars, seep through cracks, and find us wherever we may be.
One undeniable fact is Moms will never leave. They will not because they cannot.

No matter where I go, I know that my Mom is with me the same as I know your Mom is with you.
Same as I know that those I love remain in my heart; I know that those you love remain in yours too.

If it were up to us, we would never die
But none of this is up to us

You asked if there was a way to bring someone from the dead. You lost someone close. I understand this but with all my heart, I would like to offer you this thought with hopes to console you. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Our life is energy; therefore we will never be destroyed; therefore, the love we feel and the mark we leave behind will live on forever, eternally, for all of eternity.

My grandmother died when I was a small boy. My Mom told me, “We weep for ourselves.” She told me, “We weep because we miss the talks and the things we did together.”
Mom also said to look for the signs.
She told me loved ones never leave. She said they never stop talking to us. We just need to learn how to listen and we can hear them.

“Behold, in my Father’s house there are many rooms. If this were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you.” John 14:2

I know that I cannot say anything that will solve your pain. However, if this is of any comfort, my prayers are on your side. My door is open to you and my love is here if you need support.

May God Bless you in this time of mourning and may the signs of those we live shine as warmly as the new morning sun.

Goodnight and I love you

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