Call It A Thought

When I listen to arguments over opinions about our country, I wonder if people realize that it is okay to see things differently. I am not sure when opinions became fact. I am not sure how we became the way we are, so divided that we fail to see straight or realize that we are actually on the same team. I don’t know much about politics. I don’t always I agree with what I hear and I don’t always like what I see.
All I know is I am me without apology. I am not the right side or the left. Instead of choosing a side, I consider myself the middle. I consider myself the heart of this country. I am part of the pulse that beats the blood through the system of this land. I am no better or worse. I am me. I am the son of a man who chose to serve our country. In fact, my Old Man served our country proudly in the Army Air Corps in 1946.

I have friends that fought for this land in other countries. They saw terrible things. I have friends that have lived through unimaginable terrors. I know some that wear the names of their fallen friends on their body. These were the names of men lost in battle.
Instead of talking or complaining about what I see; I chose to replace thought with action. I offered services to veterans returning home as a voice to talk to as an alternative to suicide.
These men fought for our country. Right side or left side, either side would agree in the end, those who did not make it back had all returned in the same size box with the same sized flag draped over their coffin.

I wonder if this is what they fought for. I wonder if those who loyally served our country in past wars knew that this is what our society would become. As well, I wonder if I have ever seen times as troubled as the ones we live in now.

This hurts me. i do not hate anyone. I do not want to fight or create more of a divide.
No, I just like the words, “United we stand!”

God, I still love her. My country, I mean.
I love my flag. I love the sound of the Star Spangled Banner. I love when I hear this before a game at an outdoor stadium and military jet planes fly overhead, surprisingly, like a sign of strength. I swear, I have goosebumps when this happens. In fact, I have goosebumps just writing about this.

Whether I am right or not is irrelevant to me. Whether people agree with me or not is not important. I know that everyone has their own opinion. However, political opinion is now equivalent to the old religious crusades, meaning, pray to the wrong God in the wrong company and either convert immediately or pay for your sins violently or in public ridicule.

And it’s not just one side. It’s not just the right side or the left. It’s both sides. Both sides bait the other. Both have scandals. Both have sins. Both try baiting the other and both look for the controversy. But me, I’m in the middle watching videos of people being abused. I am listening to someone tell me about my privilege. And I’m thinking, “Man, I’m just trying to live my life.”

I am fighting different wars of my own. I am listening to parents bury their children. I am watching people kill themselves. And when I see the war within our own country, I am wondering if we have any idea who we are fighting or if we understand the casualties are our very own.

How does it feel to understand that the life expectancy of our country is lower now? Think about this. We are one of the most advanced countries in the world but our life expectancy is going down.
How is this happening? How is it that we have no understanding of mental illness? We lose to cancer. We lose to addiction. There are more alcohol related deaths than opiate related deaths, but yet, this goes unnoticed and unmentioned. Look at the suicide rate. Why is this not thought about or given the attention it deserves?

I just want to help create a better palace to live.
Is this so wrong?

I keep thinking, “I just want to get through the day!”
I want to pay my bills. I want to fix what I have broken and keep it intact. I want to get through each and every day and at the end; I want to feel as if I can finish with a constructive conclusion.

It is beyond me how one or anyone can hold themselves above another. It is beyond me how one can forgive a sin of their own but condemn someone else’s. As far as I see it we all have sins. We all have something going on. We are all just trying to live our lives but yet for some reason, we feel the need to argue and convert others who do not think, see, feel, or act the way we want them to act.

Judge not, lest ye be judge, and judge by your own standards is the saying.
Truth be told, no one can pass their own tests of judgement.

I know a man. He is a good man. He was not born in this country; however, he is an American citizen. His boy came home from school one day because his teacher told him that his family is going to be deported.
Keep in mind, this is a little kid that does not understand the difference between republican or democrat. This is a little kid that just wants to play or maybe watch cartoons. He has no understanding about building a wall or what the word immigration means.

To this little boy the words, “Make America Great Again,” are great words to hear. And why shouldn’t they be? These words should not be offensive. But they are to many. In fact, to some these words are not only offensive, they are enough to cause violence. And I’m tired of seeing violence. But I digress.

In a fit of political outrage, the little boy’s teacher swore the boy should go home and tell his family be prepared to pack their bags and be deported.

I am not entering my political opinion here and I do not care for anyone else’s. What I do care about is a little boy that did not need to be drawn into a subject he was too young to understand. 
He went home weeping and had nightmares, believing someone was going to take him away and deport his entire family to different places in Mexico. Meanwhile, this boy’s father is an American citizen.
I don’t care if the teacher had an opinion. We all have opinions.
And that’s fine
What I care about is fake news on both sides of the political arena. What I care about is the hype machine, which I see as dangerous and potentially harmful enough to literally destroy our country.

I am tired.
That’s all . . .

I’m tired of seeing this country so split. I am tired of the finger pointing and the blame machine. I am tired of the identity politics, which, by the way, I do not say this because I say identity is not important. In fact, I believe my identity means everything to me; however I am me and you are you and together, we mean different things to each other.
To me, my identity is everything but I am aware that my identity is not the only thing. There is a great big world out there. And I hope that we come together and fix it because trying to convert someone’s opinion is apparently not working.

I just love where I live. I work to keep it. 
I just don’t want to hear the arguing anymore.
But I doubt that will happen any time soon.

There….I said it

End rant

No matter who you are or where you live.
Just know that I am not your enemy

After all, we are all on the same team
Aren’t we?

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