New Chapters

Yesterday was the first hint of spring. The ground is beginning to thaw. I have not seen a red-breasted robin yet but I did watch a brown eagle glide in circles. The eagle swept around behind my house and flew between Horse Stable and Panther Mountain the other day.

One would think I am far from the city but I am not. I am still close but yet I am far enough away that I can disassociate myself with midtown chaos and the Kamikaze cab drivers that speed down Lexington.

It was nice to feel the sun on my face. It was nice to feel the warmth on my skin.
I stood outside and looked at the mountains around me. I looked at Old Wesley Chapel, which is across the street. The old chapel has survived another year.
She is certainly old. The chapel, I mean. She has been around since the early 1800’s and yet, she still stands.

I suppose now that the ground has thawed and the snow is melted, I will go over and clean off the debris from the headstones in the small cemetery on the chapel’s property.
No one else comes to do it and no one else comes to visit. I suppose it’s not much for me to do this. After all, no one deserves to be forgotten.

As a matter of fact, last year, I was able to help a women get into the chapel, which is mainly unused. She was unable to unlock the front door; however, I was there to dig deep into my old repertoire and assisted the little old woman through the front door.
(Put simply . . .yeah, I helped her break into the church.)

I suppose they will come soon to check on the old chapel. She is good. She is still here after all these years, enduring, and withstanding the change of seasons. That’s what I love about her.

The lake near my house has thawed, which is good. I am happy about this because one of my methods to improve my consciousness is to stand at the side with my fishing rod and cast a lure into the mirrored surface of the water.
None of the fish are very big here. Most are small but I’m not here for the big ones. No, I come here to cast a lure and relieve me from the bondage of self.

It’s funny too because people will pass by while I fish from the side and ask, “Are there any fish in here?” to which I reply, “Nope,” without offering anything else. I just keep casting outward and offer myself to the process.

There comes a time (like now) at the verge of spring when the Earth thaws and seasons change. There comes a time when the world shifts. Our side of the hemisphere leans towards the sun while the lower half pulls away. As we begin to bloom in spring, the southern hemisphere begins to cool.

In reality, this is just another trip around the sun.
That’s all.

There comes a time when we wake up. We look around at the life we life and come to the realization that we have outgrown our surroundings.
Sometimes we say, “It’s time to move.” and then we move along.
Maybe it’s a feeling.
Call it a premonition.
Call it whatever but call it something because a time comes when we feel a change is upon us. And change is natural whether we like it or not.
Change is part of the natural order of things, Like it or not, we are always moving and the Earth, she is always spinning.

Mother Nature never sits still. Neither does Father Time. They both move, continuously, and endlessly. They always have and they always will.

There comes a time when we realize our purpose has changed.
We change.
Our intentions change and so will our intensity.
There comes a time when our ideas of importance become less important because as we grow, our priorities switch. Our life will shift and our sights will change. This is us and the ongoing process of trying to find ourselves.

One day, we wake up and realize it is time to start a new chapter . . . .

Same as the seasons change, so do we. Same as the summertime comes back, the autumn months will do the same. Either way, last summer is nothing more last summer and the one before is just the one before.
Each year, we evolve and we grow. Each year, the shoreline changes. The landscapes alter just a little bit. The plates we float on shift a little more. A new life approaches and an old one retires

Every year, the seasons move into one another. This is life. The we world has its seasons and we have our chapters. And likewise, to each, there is a beginning, a middle, and an end to them all.

There comes a time when we find ourselves in a surrounding that is no longer fit. We have outgrown our skin (so to speak) and we need to shed ourselves in order to evolve into our next level of life.

There will come a time when we all face the realization that it is time to turn the page from one chapter to the next. And there is fear with this. We are afraid of what comes next. We are afraid of the unknown.

There are those who remain as they are because they afraid of what comes next. Some are afraid to live. Some are afraid to laugh. Some are afraid to love. There are those who refuse to turn the page because what if the next chapter is not as good as the last one?

I say this is natural.
I say that fear is normal.
We all have it
I say that fear has its place. I say that fear is an excellent motivator. It motivates us to be, think, act, and become. But sometime fear keeps us stuck..

In the story of Lot’s wife taken from Genesis 19, Lot and his wife were told to flee the city of Sodom. They were to take nothing with them and told not to look back.
Lot’s wife did not listen to the instructions. She looked back and as punishment, she was turned into a pillar of salt.

There is more to the story (I’m sure) but for now, I am thinking about the message behind it. I am thinking about the symbolic nature of the need to make a change and how important it is to not look back.

All it takes is a leap of faith.

I do not know whether this upcoming year will be a financial success. One could say that anything can and will happen.
And I would agree.
Anything can and will happen.

But of all things I’ve learned; I learned if I do nothing then nothing happens. All I can do is put in the effort and turn the page.

The rest is beyond my control

Here she comes, folks
The spring . . .

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