Today’s Focus

As I move into new branches of my life, I am reminded of the importance of my choices and which voice I choose to listen to. Understand?
We all have that internal voice. We have that internal monologue, which can often have a way of misleading us from our goals.

Someone told me there is no good or bad or win or lose. There is only energy, which is the effort we put in.
I understand this. However, I do believe in success. I also believe success is relative. Wholeheartedly, I believe that the depth of our commitment is equal to level of our achievement. But sometimes we choose to invest ourselves poorly
The problem is the thought machine. The problem is the emotional thinking because intellectually, we understand process and strategy; however, emotionally, we only understand outcome. Emotionally, we respond to reward. We look for the trophy.

There is the popular thought of waiting for the other shoe to drop. And so long as we wait, sure enough, fate will oblige us.
Something will inevitably go wrong. And such is life. Life has ups and downs, peaks, and valleys. Intellectually speaking, we all understand this. Emotionally, we tie ourselves to disappointments. We hold on to outcome as if it means more than it does.

I think back on the idea of the sunk cost fallacy, which is like business quicksand. You put more money in to avoid more loss but no matter how much we invest, the fallacy is still a fallacy, and no added investment will ever help us recover our losses.
(This is why they say it pays to know when to cut your losses.)
This is business through an emotional mind. However, this applies to more than business. This applies to life. This applies to interpersonal relationships.
We tie ourselves to outcome because we don’t want to lose anymore. And we ante up; we dig in deeper to recover our emotional losses. Here is the quicksand part; the harder we try, the deeper we sink. Next thing we know, we find ourselves under water, wishing we got out when we could, and wondering why we ignored all the red flags we saw along the way.

I have always been a fan of the underdog.
The underdog never quits, never gives in, and never backs down. This does not mean the underdog never loses. Either way, win or lose, the underdog performs.
Always looking for the angle, always looking to gain position, always trying, always correcting, never focusing on odds or outcome, and only focusing on effort; the underdog performs.
Period. End of sentence.

I think of tools, like, take a screwdriver for example. The tool is never intimidated by the job; it just does the work. A screwdriver does not care how long or big a screw is. If there is concern, this is the operator’s. Not the tool . . .
The thought machine works differently. The thought machine gives in to intimidation. It over-invests just to keep from losing and gives into fallacies that say maybe we should just hold on a little longer.
At a junction in life, one can do either of two things. We can give in to intimidation and literally overthink everything in, or, we can plan, create strategy, and perform.

I have been a fight fan for as long as I can remember. In fact, one of my favorite fights from one of my favorite fighters was actually a loss. I choose this as my favorite because no matter what happened in the fight, no matter where he was on the scorecards and no matter how many times he was fighting from his back; my fighter never stopped looking for the sweep. He never quit. Never gave up. Never stopped trying until the fight was over.

After my fighter’s loss, the winning fighter was interviewed in the cage. He explained he never fought anyone like this.
He explained, “He just wouldn’t quit.”

I say victory can be found in loss.
I say my fighter won because in a world when most people quit; my fighter chose to endure and continue.
I say this this the spirit of a true champion.
I say this is what it takes to be heroic.

I say this is the attitude I use to model the life I want to live. There is no win or lose or good or bad. There is only energy and determination because to achieve this kind of mindset, in my eyes, this is already a victory in and of itself.

My Good friend and fellow coach Todd always reminds people of an acronym: N.A.T.O.  which stands for No Attachment To Outcome.

There is no outcome.
Focus on this, I feel, and we will be just fine.

So ante up folks . . .

I swear the outcome will be incredible

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