How To

There is a part of success that most people do to recognize. This is the lonely part. This is the part when everyone else decides to quit (except for you) and goes home to rest for a while.
This is the part when nothing seems to fit right. Your endurance is tested. Your determination is tested. So is your patience. So is your temper.
It’s like every step you take is harder than the one before it.
But you can’t stop.
You just can’t . . .

If you stop it feels like you’ll be proving everyone else right about you. More accurately, if you quit, you’ll just be proving how you believe other people see you.
But this has nothing to do with anyone else.
This is about you, your dream, and your desire to make it so.

Everyone loves to see a champion cross the finish line. Everyone wants to celebrate when the champion of the world has their hand raised.
Everyone sees this and feels the triumph. They celebrate it without thinking about the effort it took to reach this level of success.

No one ever reaches a professional level by accident. It takes time. It takes something called sticktoitiveness.
This means you don’t quit. This means pain is not a deterrent. This means will and intent, desire and drive, outweigh loss and disappointment because these are the key ingredients to survive.

There is a lonely part of success. This comes before the achievement. This happens when you’re the only one in your dream.
Your circle of influence offers support. You have your friends and family. But still, you’re all alone. It’s like you have this missing piece and until you cross the finish line; until your hand goes up in victory, until you feel it; nothing will ever be enough.

In order to continue, you have to have an insatiable drive to keep going. This is what separates you from the rest of the pack.
Loss is not a concern.
Failure is not a concern either.
Neither are a concern because both are a part of winning.

We will encounter setbacks
So be it
We will encounter loss.
We will be hit hard
We will see tragedies
We will hear the critics
We will face losses, suffer injuries, and experience brokenheartedness.
This is the part of success that most people fail to realize.

There used to be a sign on the Long Island City side of the 59th Street Bridge that read, “Perfection is not an accident.”
I agree.
It takes work
It takes getting up even when you don’t want to.
It’s making that phone call and smiling even when your gut is screaming.
It is the endurance to keep going and the continuance even when everyone around you says, “Why bother? You’ll never make it!”
But only you know better.

Everyone wants to celebrate a victory.
And they’ll act like they were there the entire time.
They’ll act like they suffered with you
But they didn’t.
Only you know what you had to do to go through

I have met businessman that have bought out more than 40 partners to create their dream because they realized their desire to achieve was simply unmatchable.
I have met people that have gone from sleeping beneath bridges to becoming millionaires.

What separates them from the rest?
Is it looks?
Is it privilege?
Or, is it the fact that they simply refused to give in.
No matter what happened, they refused to quit shaping their dream.

They refused to stop until it was them who crossed the finish line.
It was them with their hands raised.
Of course everyone was around to see this part. Everyone loves a good Cinderella story. They love this almost as much as they love to watch someone fall from greatness.

No one can achieve your dream except for you.
It’s almost time now
Better get ready.
There’s another day out there just waiting to be lived.

That means you’re one more step closer to crossing the finish line.
Dig deep, kid.

No one else will do it for you!

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