The Better Pathway

There are things which can heal us. These are simple things, like the touch of a hand or the sound of a voice. Believe me. I know about this, first hand.
There are things that can warm us during cold times. For example this sight of a smile or to hear the laugh of someone we love. These things are important.
They cure better than any medicine, which is not to say that medicine is unnecessary. But still, there are simple things around us, even on gloomy days, which if we utilize—these things have healing qualities like no other. I’m sure of it.

There are ways to feel better. They are simple. There are physiological ways that are proven to work, which help us. For example, it is proven that physical movement has an adverse effect on depression; that simple exercise moves the body, improves the mind, and creates a perfect method of distraction and replacement.

There are times when even the simplest tasks are overwhelming. The work load is too much. The level of procrastination has created problems in both personal and professional life. Finances and financial concerns can be suffocating.
The energy behind this can be so much at times that we fold inward. We give in to avoidance instead of engage. We feel the weight of our chores, even the simple ones, which can almost make it hard to breathe.
And when there’s no choice left, we try to fix what seems irreparable. But the sense of impending failure mixes with the shame and the blame we place upon ourselves, because, after all, of course we knew better and this is all our fault.

There are ways we can feel better and ways we can live better too. But yet, even with the simplest remedies within our reach, for some reason, we tend to overlook them. We continue in our downward spiraling a behavior that speak what our emotions lack the words to say. Our behavior is our mirror image of self. what we say and what we do; this is us,

There is more than pharmaceutical ways to improve. There are cognitive behavioral methods, which prove to be very effective. There are therapists, psychologists, clinicians, and coaches. There is also dieting methods. There are somatic and movement therapies, visualization and hypnotic therapies, and an entire list of ways to improve. Which one belongs to you?.

The road to wellness is not the same for everyone. There is no one size fits all model nor should there be. We all have our own uniqueness. We all have our own chemistry. Therefore, we all have our own special recipe that involves different ingredients.

But how do we find what works?
In the frustration of uncomfortable experience, nothing is simple. And, in the depths of depression, it’s hard enough to just get out of bed and face the world; let alone, figure out a way to feel better.
In times like this it is impossible to think there can be a simple fix because in times like this, everything seems so complicated.
And it is complicated.
Of course this is complicated because we make it so. But consider something. Imagine moving instead of remaining still. Envision a process that could transfer energy and alleviate concern.
This goes back to the idea of distraction and replacement model I talk about.
Imagine if we could create a physical motion that would relieve stress and create a sense of healing.
Stretching is a great exercise. Walking is incredible. Simple movement, basic things, plus, personal interaction because interaction are important.

Before procrastination is the reasons we procrastinate. Avoidance is a symptom. However, while under the massive weight of deadlines and bills; I can relate, this weight is heavy. It’s hard to catch up. The anxiety machine spins. We give in to intimidation factors. And all else is doomed!

Right now, if you were to say the word “STOP!” out loud, what would you be saying this to? What would this sound like if you shouted this to your own thought process?
I do this often.
I say this when my anxiety reaches a dangerous level. I say this when my thinking gets away from me.
The word “STOP!” does a lot.
Think of a child. Think of a little kid, running around and being too wild. Think of how the child reacts when someone screams “STOP IT!!” at the top of their lungs. In most cases, the child stops in fear.
When we say the word “STOP IT!” out loud and to ourselves, somehow, there is a change in our thinking.

I use words like this to help fight against panic and anxiety attacks.
I breathe. I replace thought with action.
I call for a transfer of energy when my energy goes off in the wrong direction.

There is always a way to feel better.
The struggle however is it’s hard to see the simple fixes when lost in the complications of our own mind.

Look around you . . .
Find your recipe
Use your ingredients
Make your life what you want it to be

This is the better pathway.

One thought on “The Better Pathway

  1. I really agree with this. Lately for example when I feel crushed by something I noticed just sitting in the warm sun helps. And on the days my depression was crippling just a walk or making a simple meal made things better. Its really hard to see when anxiety or depression takes a hold… I agree with everything you’ve written here.

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