About When

When there is no room left between your back and the wall;
I am me and you are you,
undressed and undecorated,
then we are us
in true form.
When there is no room left for blame or shame or guilt
or the need to point a finger
to find accountability for things that are far beyond our control,
then there is rest.
Then there is peace, if we so choose

When there are no more numbers in our list of comparisons
and when our wealth is recognized as “Our Life,”
and our life is sufficient without any need for enhancement
or augmentation,
when we can sit comfortably in our skin
without questions or distractions,
to just be “In the moment,”
then there will be peace, internally, inspiring,
up and coming, like the sight of the sky
during the new morning sun.

When there is no room left for regret,
no room left for lies or the exaggerations and embellishments;
when there is no room left for envy
and no reason for jealousy,
no rage because of the fear of our uniqueness,
and no reason to be stuck between the ambivalent questions of,
“Am I enough?”
then there will be freedom.

There will be freedom between us
and the understanding
that we are (and always have been)
completely and totally equipped
with everything we need
to live a fruitful and successful life.

When there is no room left for excuses,
no room for the negotiation of our dearest terms;
when there is no place else to go but straight forward,
ahead, the way we’ve always wanted to be,
in love, in life, until death do us part
ongoing, like the cycles we create
when we lie down and when we rise up;
when we reach this,
then we will have reached our opportunity
to be what we’ve always intended to be
In life


When there is no more time left
and the evening of our life is about to close;
when we were are at our time,
and when we look back,
what we see is what we have created.
This is out mark.
This is our impression
and what we have left upon the world

Before this is now. Before now is a decision.

Before this is a the question that is in need of an answer.

When is “When” going to happen?

The only answer I have for this . . .

Is now!

So long as I make it so

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