Poem: My Love Is My Love

Keep in mind, love does not come without anger.
Love does not come without troubled times.
Love hurts.
We go through trials. We argue.
We fight and we complain.

We say things we really don’t mean.
In fact, we do things we don’t mean,
but we do them as a reaction.
If we’re being honest, that is.

We react to fear.
We react to concern for rejection
but fear not
because real love overcomes rejection.
real love dissolves the fear
which in response,
real love is only love
and my love is this—
unbreakable and unchangeable
never waving, and never failing
because once I have fallen, then I have fallen,
and since this is so,
then know that I have fallen for you

Love is not without flaw, but yet, our love is perfect
After all, love is a reactive thing.
Love is this thing that makes us do crazy things.

I swear, for love or for love’s sake;
love is this thing that makes us do things
Crazy things . . .
things we never thought we’d do with anyone

(except for you . . .  my love.)

Love is not just a walk down the aisle.
Love is more than the words, “I do,”
and “Until death do you part.”
Love is a living, breathing,
constantly changing, and ever-evolving thing.

Love changes from childhood to adulthood,
but at the core,
love is love is love is love
and so help me, god, I do so solemnly swear
on behalf of my love and for love’s sake;
I am in love with love.

I am in love with the heart,
which does more than beat
and feed the bloodstream.

No, I am in love with the heart,
which is all that I have.
This is me, my core.
. This is all me, take this if you choose,
my love, my heart, and my everything,
because this is everything I have
and it’s all yours
if you’ll have me.

Take this from me please.
Take this and allow me
to take away your fears and doubts
of how I see you. I know you
because I do see you; in fact; I think God I see you
I know exactly who you are.
I know you down to every detail,
every curve,
and every little idiosyncrasy
and I love it all.

Keep in mind,
love is not free from tragedy or despair.
Love is not free from pitfalls
and unexpected letdowns.
Love is not free from anything that comes with everyday living.
But still . . .
Love continues
Love does not complain
or explain;
instead, love just endures
no matter what.

Let us be clear about this—
love is not and cannot be one-sided.

For love to be love and grow like love grows:
And for love to become ongoing,
unconditional, and ever-healing,
like say
the healing sensation from the soft touch of a hand
as it lands upon the cheek
or the comforting sound of love’s voice
at an hour when no one else is around
for love to be love
then love must be mutual
and eternal

This is love:
connected in unison;
whereas your breath is matched by my inhale
it coincides with your exhale,
which follows by my exhale to match your inhale
—so we can breathe.

Love is more than the smiles we smile
or the laughs we laugh.
These are the easy times. They are the easy things
But no, our love is more—
and I mean more,
as in more to the point,
our love is more than an understanding of the term “Love,”
Our love is our love
and there is no other love like this in the world . . .
Believe me.

I know because I love you.

True love is determination,
undying, relentless, like a fight when no matter the damage,
no matter how hard we’re hit,
we still stand up because love is love
and love (if you ask me)
is really the only thing worth fighting for.

But how much is love?
Is love enough?

Or would you like to know how much I love you?

Is that it?
Okay. That’s a fair question.

I love you this much:
I love you so much

that  I would go through wars, fire,
and break through earth, steal, heartache and pain.
I would endure for you.
I can withstand for you.
I can will for you because i have fallen for you.

I love you so much
all I want to do is dream about you,
only to wake up
and see you there as my dream, which is actually my reality,
which is you,
my love.

The very first poem I ever wrote was about you.
Then again, everything is about you . . .
But you already knew that
Didn’t you?

My love

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