Do It!

The world meets no one halfway. Truth is the world meets no one either way. Anything you want to do; anything you want to be or achieve, and anything you want to build or create and anything you want to become will have to happen now because now is the time to do it.
You have to do it otherwise nothing will ever happen. And if nothing happens, you’ll find yourself somewhere far away from your dreams. You’ll wake up even farther than the life you’ve always wanted, wondering what happened, and wishing you’d stuck with it and taken a shot.

Action creates change.
So act now.
Whatever you do just remember, even the smallest change can alter the direction of the rest of your life.
It’s true.
Start by taking one step towards your goal. Just take one step and see how you feel.
Keep in mind; no one has the right to keep you from being who you want to be. This doesn’t mean everyone is looking to help you. This doesn’t mean people won’t stand in your way. But no one has the right to stop you from bettering yourself or creating the life you’ve always wanted to have.

We often give in to intimidation. We give in to fear. We lose focus and then we give in to distractions.
We lose sight of our efforts and hold on to the fear of failure and substandard results.
We see doubt. We see obstacles and problems but keep in mind; what we see is based on our perspective. So what would have to happen to create a change in perspective? What do we need to see hope instead of doubt or opportunities instead of obstacles? What cab we do create possibilities out of problems?

What would have to happen to live the life you want to have, on your own, and without living a life contingent upon anyone else?
This is not about anyone else. This is not about a spouse or a lover or friends or friendships. This is not about your job or level of education. All of these things can be changed. Keep this singled down to one thing which is constant throughout the entire equation: YOU!
Remember, you are now and will always be the square root to your own equation. It all comes down to you.
Take hold if this fact. Nurture it. And empower yourself now.

Distractions aside, what are the basic needs to create life for you? But before this, what does the word “Life” mean to you?
If anything, what stands in your way of having this? What are the unalterable things that create roadblocks that deter you from your path and what are the alternate routes you can take to make up for the loss of time?

Simple life coaching 101;
In order to create change, make an honest list of what changes you would like to see.
What needs to be added and what needs to be removed? Start here. Create an honest outline of your life and categorize people, places, and things.
List your true necessities, your strengths, areas in need of improvement.
Also, when checking over your list, see if you can recognize the difference between want and need. (This is important.)

The world meets no one halfway.
This means nothing so important to you will come along wrapped in a ribbon and bows. Truth is we have to work for what we want, which is the reason why people sometimes fail and often quit when faced with adversity. And the truth is; there is no adversity. This is just a made up word that means we have something in our way that creates a break in our vision and gives us an excuse as to why we failed to continue.

Each and every one of us is fully equipped to create and build. All of us are suited to achieve our dreams. But keep in mind, sometimes our dreams will change. Our ideas change and so will our intentions.
But let’s circle back. If we are all equally equipped then why are some more successful than others? Did they have anything more internal? Is it a privileged life that separates us? Who cares? I say that’s just a distraction. I say privileged is a social construct. It’s an excuse. I say no one is above me; therefore no one is above you either.

Do you want to see the world?
Then what are you prepared to do to make this happen?
What has to happen for you to meet your goals?
What are the solutions?
Are they financial?
Are they physical?
Does your job stand in your way from you being who you want to be?
Is there a problem with dependencies or is it co-dependency?
What is it?
Is the problem you face based on organization and time management?
Or, would a simple change in your priorities and time management skills create room for the lessons you need to learn to become who you want to be?

I have come to the understanding that no great change will respond timely enough for me. I want the world and I want it now. However, reality needs to play a part in this equation.

I remember when I was a kid I used to envision myself in a rock and roll band. The only problem is I couldn’t sing. I used to see myself on stage with a guitar around my neck. Only, I never learned to play guitar.
I still have these ideas from time to time.
I also see myself sitting behind a table that says, “Meet the Author,” and find myself at a bookstore somewhere, autographing copies of my next best “Great American” novel and smiling in a sharp jacket with my collar over the lapel.

I was nominated for something called Ted Talks, which may or may not mean anything. I might have the opportunity to speak in Ohio and possible do an event in Pennsylvania.
For the last few years, I have been working hard to create and perfect my craft.
I write every day and I reach out to create wellness programs. I make sure I take at least one step towards my goal on a daily basis.
See, I might not ever play in a band and sell out a show in Madison Square Garden but one thing is for sure. I don’t want to grow older, wondering what happened, or wishing I did something and living with regret.

No, the world has never met me halfway. For me to be me and for me to have the life I want, I need to create action. I need to make moves. I need to take steps in the direction I want to go or so help me God, I will find myself stuck or become stagnant. And that’s just not how I want to be.

For me to live my life means that I have to live at my life to the best of my ability. I have to maneuver away from my distractions and navigate through my day with plans and strategies.
I cannot live life through ideas based on emotion or the irrational mind. I have to stick with a plan. I have to stick with my rational thinking because there is no emotion here; there are just goals, plans, and the strategies to achieve them.

Whatever we want to do, we have to do it
So don’t waste anymore daylight.
Make today what you want it to be
You might have to work hard at it
But trust me . . .
the results will be plentiful

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