The Cycle of Change

There are times when I am lucky enough to perform and show people what I do. And I smile, wholeheartedly, because this is me and this is what I do at my best. I smile because I love to see the reactions of the people I interact with. I love to watch emotion come to fruition and watch facial expressions change as one comes into a moment of awareness.
I tell you the best part about life coaching and motivational speaking is the moving response when realization takes place.

My favorite cousins and I laugh when I call to give them updates about my efforts to grow as a coach. We talk about my presentations and (I swear) when I tell them, I feel as though my Mom and The Old Man can hear about what I am doing. I feel this sense of accomplishment and validation, internally as well as externally, and I hear the pride in my favorite cousin’s voices as they laugh and ask me, “But did you make them cry?”

This is not to say that my intention is to be so intense or that my goal is to make the crowd weep; however, when presenting, my goal is to make people think and feel because this is what starts the engines that drive us to change.

I realize there are different stages in change. I am not the only one that charts life changes this way but I think it is important that we all understand how life changes come to fruition. As I see it, the evolution of our transformation has a mathematical science that shapes our change in the metamorphosis of a circle.

The first stage in the cycle is realization. This is the obvious realization that there is a need for change. Something happens; maybe we see ourselves in the mirror, and, perhaps we look at ourselves for the first time in a new way. Our vision clears up enough to wipe away the blindness of our denial.

As we begin to enter the pre-contemplation stage of our transformation, our levels of awareness change. Our intentions change along with our levels of awareness towards our interpersonal and personal interactions.

Moving into the next stage of contemplation, we start to consider the actions needed to create our change.
Next is preparation, which follows with determination. The next is action which starts the transformation and allows us to blossom into who we want to be. In order to connect this and continue this cycle of evolution, we need maintenance, else there is another stage known as “Relapse,” which is not mandatory however, to some relapse is a necessary part of the learning process. Either way, we all work at our own speed. However, when speaking from a motivational standpoint, my main objective is to create the incentive.

Most recently, I had the opportunity to meet some new people and discuss a program idea in a much larger and corporate setting. Although this was a business discussion in the beginning, we switched the model and spoke openly and freely. I was free to be me and all else were free to be themselves. This was truly a great experience. We discussed life and the obstacles of thought. We talked about living life detached from our older ideas and subconscious programming. We talked about the internal narrative in our minds, which we interact with and distracts us from reaching our best possible potential. We discussed effectiveness at the workplace and importance of personal balance to achieve our best ability in our professional and personal life.

I see freedom as an ultimate goal. I believe this is what we all strive for. However, what does freedom mean?
I know what freedom means to me. In my eyes freedom means I am not dependent upon outside influences nor am I subordinate or slaved to people, places and things.

Keep in mind, there is a chain of command in the workplace. There will be good news and bad news and good things will happen and bad things alike. However, when I am truly free, I am not affected or changed in either regard. I am free from being overly passionate and free from the hinges that keep my moods from swinging left to right. To be free and unhinged is to be me without any attachment to outcome. Instead, all I am is effort and energy. This is me at my best.

I saw someone beautiful yesterday; only, she never knew about how amazing her abilities are. I firmly believe this is why we cry because sometimes, light comes in to shine upon us and illuminate the truth of what holds us back.
Often, emotion shows because we learn that we are capable and the idea of feeling “Free” is so wholesome and so beautiful and pure that emotion overwhelms us. This is why we cry. It’s because we had it the whole time, and finally, the step towards freedom is upon us.

On a personal note, this is why I chose to get involved with emotional wellness. There is nothing more beautiful than watching someone come into a moment of awareness and learning that they do in fact deserve the best.

I think we all do!

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