About Inspiration

One thing I know is we pay into a system.
We pay for our benefits. We pay for healthcare.
We pay for car insurance. We pay for gas and oil and electricity.

We pay into our future with hopes that we can retire someday. This may not be the same for everybody; however, no matter what and in no matter which shape or form, everybody pays into a system.
Everything takes effort and nothing worthwhile comes without a price tag.
I accept this motto (to some degree.)

Of all the sayings I know to be true, the one that rings truest to my heart is “Time waits for no one. It passes you by.”

I agree because I have seen what waiting does.
I know what procrastination creates.
I have seen what happens when I pause too often or remain still because fear, shame, or guilt causes my speech to stutter; therefore, I stutter.

Perhaps not verbally but more conceptually, I stuttered in the sense that I overthought or overly complicated my actions simply because I gave in to the distraction of emotional thinking.

We pay into a financial system to benefit our future. We work hard to keep a roof above our head or clothes on our back. Only, life is more than healthcare, car insurance, and what we can afford

We have skill. And skill is relative but either way, everyone has a skill. Everyone can do something perfectly.
I can prove this because of all things I can do perfectly; I consistently can be me on a daily basis, perfectly, with imperfections and all.

There are times when I am tired.
There are days when the hours are long.
I have had days where my body aches.
I have had long shifts, which I swore would never end.
I’ve had sleepless nights and long weeks, praying for the weekend to come; only to find that there will be weekend work; either that or there will be storms and the plans I had were rained out.

We pay into a system, you and me.
I know I do . . .
And one day, I know this system will pay me back.
I know it will

Image result for when I stand before God, I want to be able to look at hm and say I used all that you gave me

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