More From Day Four: Imperial Beach San Diego, California

Hypnosis is truly helpful. Self hypnosis is also helpful and easily achieved by following a simple script.
Find yourself someplace comfortable. Sit comfortably or lay in a relaxed position. Find your best position without your legs or your arms crossed . Before this starts, it is important to disregard any of the outside sounds. or touching in any way. Close your eyes and allow yourself to relax.

Be still. Be comfortable. Once you have settled in, you can begin the process, which is about to start now.

Breathe in.
Breathe in deeply through your nose and fill your lungs to the fullest capacity. Take the air in, long and slow. Do not rush. Allow your lungs to fill up and then pause at the top of your breath to the count of five.
One, two, thee, four, five.
Once you reached the count of five, you are going to exhale though your mouth. Breathe out until you have completely emptied your lungs. Then pause again at the bottom of your breath to the count of five.
One, two, three, four, five.
Continue this until your body begins to feel calm. This will oxygenate your blood and help to allow your body to relax so that your mind can follow.

There is point at the top of your spine. Visualize this as a transmitter that stands tall on a mountain, high up in the air with an antenna at the top. This is where your mind sends out all of its signals. For the moment, you will allow this point to rest.
As you continue to breathe in and out, slowly, you can take your breathes in whichever way you choose.
Keep still and tune out your surroundings. Breathe in nice and slow. Take long, slow deep breaths and exhale slowly until your lungs are completely deflated. Inhale to your fullest ability and continue.
You will notice your body is relaxing. You are comfortable. Your breathing has become a rhythm that cycles through your body.
Each inhale is delivered through your body and sent throughout your system to replenish your needs.
Each exhale is to remove the waste and sends your unneeded sediments to someplace unobjectionable.

As you breathe in, see this as a cycle to cleanse you.
Your body will feel more comfortable now. The tension in your face will drift away. Your jaw will relax. The temples on either side of your head will relax. The spot between your eyebrows gives way to a relaxing state.
There is no tension. There is no concern. You will feel a warmth of energy move through you.
Next, this feeling will flow down from the top of your spine and out across your shoulders. Keep breathing in long slow breaths.
Give yourself permission to relax so that your muscles can relax. Your shoulders will feel a sense of relief as the energy moves across the tops of your shoulders and down through your arms and out through the tips of your fingers.
Next, you will allow this energy to move down your spine. Each time you breathe in deeply, your body becomes more relaxed with each breath, which helps to allow your energy to shift.
Now that your shoulders have given way, the rest of your body begins to surrender its tension.

Going down from your back and across your chest. Through your torso, down to the small of your back, through your hips and through your thighs in each leg and passing through your calf muscles, through your ankles, through you’re your feet and exiting through your toes.

Each breath allows you to oxygenate your blood flow, which allows this to circulate through your system and help you drift in to a comfortable state of awareness.
You are weaving through the beta and alpha state. The beta is your general state of consciousness. This essential for daily decision making and living. This your mind during its busiest function. This is also where your tension is stored.

The alpha state is a relaxing state. This is a more relaxed and detached awareness. Almost day-dreamy and calm; there is no stress here or tension.

As you relax and begin to drift peacefully into a more detached sense of awareness, your brain function is now detaching itself from overthinking. You are being removed from the emotional thought so that you can relax, breathe, and feel totally and completely comfortable.
The theta state is achieved in deep meditation.
Counting backwards from five, you will find yourself drifting into this state of consciousness.
Five, four, three, two, one.

This is your at your most peaceful state. You are neither sleeping nor awake, but instead, you are moving a state of total calmness and peace.
There is no tension here.
There is no concern or insecurity. There no emotion in this part of the brain. There is only plans, goals, and strategy.

Once your are here, you will imagine yourself in the most peaceful of places. Envision your surrounding.
See yourself in the most comfortable place.
For example; imagine your are sitting by a pond next to a downward flowing mountain stream.
You can hear the waters chattering as they flow gently over the rocks and enter into the mouth of the small pond.
Envision the surroundings. The trees are moving slightly from an easy breeze. The leaves are green and the colors are so bright and vivid. Envision yourself here, sitting and seeing yourself with no threats and no concern.
Taking a stick you found nearby, you draw the date into the dirt at your feet. You draw the date and your realize this is the day you begin your change. Looking over at the pond, you can see your reflection. This is you at your best possible ability.

Look at your reflection. See yourself. You are healthy and capable. You can see the benefits of your personal treatment.
Here in your theta state, you are not sleeping or dreaming but actually seeing your true self. This is you without the need for proud decoration, There is no need to appease anything here.
There is no fear or insecurity. Obstacles become opportunities and problems become possibilities.
The water on the surface of this pond is mirror like, which reflects you, which reflects the sky, which reflects your truthful ability to overcome, navigate, and move beyond any obstacle that your perception would see as impossible. This is where you will come to unplug from doubt and switch to your best rational thinking.

As you begin to return to your regular state of consciousness, you will rise upwards from the theta, through the alpha state, still relaxed and still comfortable.
You will move up to the main surface level of consciousness and counting upwards until five, you will reach the beta state, which is your daily state of consciousness. As you enter, you will bring your peaceful state of consciousness. You will bring your perfect self and after the count of five, you will breathe in as deeply as you can and when you are ready, you can open your eyes

One, two, three, four, five.

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