Prose: Love and Beauty

I believe in the ultimate connection.
I believe in beauty
and that true beauty never fades
nor should it

or could it.

Beauty never changes
it just evolves
like we do . . .

I believe this wholeheartedly

as in, with all my heart
same as I believe in you


To me, your beauty will always be extraordinary
No matter the years
No matter the way we change
No matter the age
To me, your beauty will always be beautiful.
I will always see you this way,
with me, with you
always . . .

To me, there was no before
there was only before you
and so long as there is never any such thing as

“After you,”
then my beauty will remain strong
for all eternity

which means without beginning or end
which is ceaseless,

as in perpetual,
as in without any relation to time

or timeless.

I believe in this because
to me,

this is you

as in
eternal and ongoing,

as in never-ending

This is my love
which is all that I have
which belongs to you
which has always belonged to you

because the fact remains . . .
I have always belonged to you
(so long as you’ll have me that is)

But you’ve always had me
so in my mind
there was no before

or before before
there is only eternal
which is you,
to m

We have always been this way,
you and me
and we shall always be this way

so help me God
beautiful together.

I believe that my love will never grow old
Nor will I
Nor will you
Nor should we

But before I go onward
Let me just say
I adore you
every inch
every swerve and curve
every moment
every minute of the day
the way you smile
the way you laugh

(or cry)

Before I go forward
let me explain

there was never anything before you
there was only before
and after

there was only you.

When I met you,
You came into my life

after the aftermaths
and after the casualties
You were there when no one else was
and all there was
was you

. . .Beautiful . . .

As in
Beautiful as ever
Which I am all of the above
for you

I believe in the ultimate connection
and fate, which is you.
I believe in beauty and that beauty never fades,

nor should it
nor could it
Because to me

You .
. .

Are . . .

Beautiful . . .

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