A Letter Of Resignation To Reach My Independence

To Whom This May Concern;

Going forward and for me to move onward, I made a decision to reject the fear based or shame based ideas and the programs or programmed thinking that leads me back to depressive thought patterns that keep me stuck.

I regard a quote written by Mark Twain which says, “Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to.”  Admittedly, I have had reasons to blush or feel shame. However, to move away from this and better my future, I am choosing to vacate my seat in this process immediately and without further notice.

The hardest part about getting up after you fall (or if you embarrassed yourself) is the shame. The feeling of humiliation and the feeling of regret and internal rejection (because let’s face it, all roads are internal and all roads lead back to rejection) is all based on the right or wrong mottoes we have been programmed to taught understand. However, in light of recent revelations; I do hereby execute my right to move away from this mindset.

Going forward, I hold myself accountable for my actions and my behavior; however, in order for me to move forward, I cannot sit or rot in the personal prisons of blame or shame or guilt and regret.
If I am to move forward then I have to allow myself to move forward and holding on to anything so heavy and shameful will only weigh me down and prevent me from any further success.

Guilt and shame and all the frustrations, all the regrets, and the anger, all the self-hatred and self-harm and self-destructive behaviors will only do one thing, which is weigh be down, which is why I relay this message without haste. I resign.

In order for me to move passed this, I have to give myself the permission to move passed this. I have to allow myself the grace period to improve and hold me accountable for my own personal recovery.
And let’s face it; everybody is recovering from something.
Everybody has their own list of problems and habits or personal inventory of pain or regret.
Life does not avoid anybody’ therefore, no matter how I try or any of us try; we cannot avoid life—especially if we plan to move forward.

Shame is nothing more than a weight. Guilt is the same thing. Regret and frustration, blame, and the constant need to find accountability for anything and everything that goes wrong, or went wrong, or hurt my dreams or broke my heart is all too draining.

Going forward, I reject the ideas of blame or any ideas of the sort that will drain me and steal my energy and lead me back to an old programmed way of thinking.

Going forward, from this day onward, I heartily resign my previous and subconscious programming and the inaccuracies of my old cognitive thinking. Moving forward, I abandon my guilt and my shame and I relinquish my old default settings that strengthen the habits I formed which I no longer choose to live by.

Furthermore, and effective immediately, I forgive myself for my previous ignorance and for everything previous because from this day onward, I hold myself accountable for my past. I do not deny my faults or mistakes. Instead, I recognize them for what they were and realize that to be better, I must understand that I am worthy of better.
I must believe that I can do better and be better—and in my moments of doubt; in my moments of shame or should I feel the breath of my old demons again, I will replace this thinking with movement and action because movement and action create endorphins and endorphins create a feeling of bliss or satisfaction, or in other words, this will create a personal high with long-term benefits.

In order for me to improve, I need to seek highs and improvements with long-term benefits. I need to move away from old self-serving compulsions that only come with fleeting benefits and short term-gains that result in long-term losses. Therefore, I resign. In the simplest terms. I quit.

To change, I have to move. To change, I have to allow me to move. I have to allow me to change, move, and permit myself to let my past be my past so my future can be better. Effective immediately, I abandon my old life and old way of thinking

Guilt and worry do nothing for me.
If I want to be what I dream then I have to do what I dream. Otherwise, I will just remain stagnant and still and stuck in on old habitual mindset that leaves me captive to a life I never wanted.

In order for me to move forward.
I have to live.

Therefore, I choose life from this day onward and going forward, I cannot look back unless, of course, my reasons to look back is to admire my work to realize how far I’ve come and how capable I truly am.

Going forward, I submit this letter of resignation of my previous self, wholeheartedly, so I can move onward to be the person I’ve always wanted to be.
Effective immediately, I recognize the fact that change can happen at any minute. All I have to do is make the choice to do so . . .
Therefore, I choose to change


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