From In The Classroom: How We Limit The Mind

There is an entire world out there that exists far beyond our fear and feelings of any kind. There is a world out there that is beyond opinion and beyond personal theories. People live in this world. Life happens here, every day, all day long. This is a world beyond our assumptions or bias and persecutions.

The truth of the matter is there’s an entire world that exists beyond the concepts of our minds. Better yet, there is an entire world out there that exists beyond the limitations of our opinion and our thinking, which limits us from ever seeing things from a different or better perspective.

Standing at a crossroads, I would like you to imagine yourself at an intersection. Imagine the crossroad; imagine the either or direction. Imagine the possibilities. There is nothing else around you, except the road. There is nothing on either side except for dirt.
The land here is empty but beautiful. There is nothing man-made around; there’s nothing else but the road and the choices we have.
Imagine yourself here at midday. Envision a blue sky with, perhaps a long-winged bird is circling the sky. Maybe a few white clouds trace a feathery see-thru web that scatters like an easy trail of white cotton.

Image result for crossroads

The air is quiet. There is one of four choices, backwards, forwards, left, or right. Either direction you choose is free and full of potential. There is no one around to deny or persuade you from choosing either route. The choice is yours and it’s all free.

There are times when the momentum of our thinking will seem to move too quickly. Our mind is tired. Our body is too. Our heart is tired from feeling too much.
Too much has happened for too long and we cannot seem to grasp the concept of living any other way. This changes our view and changes our perception.
Fears are involved. Assumption steps in to persuade our thinking and somehow even the simple ideas appear complicated.
We can’t think clearly because there are too many thoughts and too many fears. There are too many worries about what happens next. There is too much around and too much influence.

The crossroad here is the same as the picture above; however, the landscape is different. Either way, the choices are still the same.
Backwards, forwards, right or left are still the same options but the landscape is what sways our decision. And when I say landscape, I mean this in both a figurative and literal sense because our choices are influenced by what we think and what we see.

I remember a trick I once saw when I was back on The Farm. I haven’t thought about this much until now but the memory fits perfectly with this.

The trick is simple; however, the trick takes a few people to pull off. One person is to wear a blindfold.  Two others will be lifting, which I will explain in a moment and another stands in front of the blindfolded to do a little sinking.
When I did this we were outdoors at the time, and me, I was the one wearing the blindfold.
We were out by the pond near one of the red picnic table. We turned one of the benches at the barbecue table upside down to be closer to the ground. I stood on the bench, in the middle, with a blindfold covering my eyes; meanwhile, two others stood at the end of the bench. In front of me was Mike T.

This was his trick. He instructed everyone on what to do; only, I was the one experiencing the trick so I was left out of the loop.

The two standing at either end of the bench were to lift slightly. Naturally, I could not see how high they lifted me or perhaps, I couldn’t even see if they lifted me at all, but still, this was their position.
Mikey stood in front of me and I placed my hands on the top of Mikey’s shoulders. As the two on either end of the bench lifted, Mikey crouched down slowly as if to give the feeling that I was being lifted higher and higher.

The truth is I was barely an inch or two from the ground, but to me, my perception was fooled. My thinking was tricked. I panicked because it seemed as though I was seven feet in the air. I thought I might lose my balance—and to be honest, I even screamed because I swore I was going to fall.

I watched them do the same trick to our friend Becky. She screamed as well. This time, I was a witness instead of a volunteer.

Image result for red picnic bench
Picture one of the benches turned upside down to better envision the trick . . .

I saw how Mikey pulled off his trick.
I watched Becky smile the kind of smile of nervous anticipation. I watched the two at either end of the bench lift slightly.
I watched Mikey dip slowly as if the lifters were still lifting and Becky was still moving higher, when in fact, they weren’t lifting much at all.
Mikey, sunk downwards. He sunk slowly to trick Becky’s perception.
Becky, however, her facial expression switched very quickly from a smile out of nervous anticipation to all out fear. She screamed too and nearly scratched Mikey’s head off.

See, the mind was the trick. This was the art of an unseen illusion. Nothing was real. Certainly nothing was threatening. If Becky fell, she wouldn’t have fallen more than an inch or so.
It was just a strange feeling of assumption and fear. There was a lack of control and a lack of understanding. There was an ingredient of unknown as in how high am I being lifted?
What if I fall? What if I get hurt?
Or, what about the internal fears?
What about the primal fears such as what if I fall? What if I get hurt. But wait, there’s more. What if I fall, get hurt, and everyone around me will see me cry or feel or be alone and afraid?

Either way, this thinking is not based on fact either. This is based on a blindfolded assumption of what life is and how people see us.

Life is this way. Life will often gives us an imaginary illusion. We can’t see what’s next. We can’t see what’s happening. We assume we might fall. And all we can see is what we assume, which are the landscapes around us, which is what sways our thinking and our opinions because put simply, we are afraid of what we can’t see or don’t know.
Therefore, we stay as we are, uncomfortable or not, because the fear of falling, being hurt, or crying or feeling exposed, or the unknown expectations are too much to consider.

Meanwhile . . .
The truth is this is all just concepts in our mind.
None of this is real.

There is an entire world out there just waiting to be lived and experienced. There are new foods waiting to be tasted and new things waiting to be touched. There is a great bog life, just waiting to be lived. This is a place beyond our opinions and beyond our preconceived notions.

Stripping away the concepts of our mind and removing the biases, getting rid of our past assumptions and past experiences, which are far beyond our control, and eliminating the distractions of what we see (or the interpretation of what we see) if we choose, we can take off the blindfold at any given moment and see that our limitations were only limited our thinking.
Truth of the matter is we were never so desperate at at risk at all. We were just afraid to fall, be hurt, or fall and be hurt and be publicly seen as weak and cry

Truth is there’s nothing to be afraid of once the blindfold is off . . .
So don’t be afraid.
Only, this is not a trick
No, this is our life which is too precious to be limited by the deception of our perception.

Image result for blindfold black and white picture

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