A Note of Gratitude

These things are strong: man, woman, mother and father. This is where life comes from. This is where birth begins. This is our family, which we are to be thankful for. This has created us and the generations before us to lead us up to now; our family, our history, our future. Good, bad, troubled or otherwise, this is where we come from.

Man, woman, mother and father. Each title is individual. Each one has purpose, and although these titles are defined, each one of us, man, woman, mother and father are all defined by our own unique versions, which I say is perfect because this is what sets us apart and makes us unique.

And love . . .
Love is real. Love exists.
(I know it does.)
Same as man, woman, mother and father are real, love is equally real. This is what brings us together in whichever capacity we choose. This is why we find each other, somehow, even if we suppose we are lost or alone, — love somehow finds us when we least expect it; to soften the lonesomeness, to ease the turbulence and to satisfy the needs we have in our heart.

Life is cyclical.
Did you know this?
Same as the seasons change; we change. Same as we have winter, spring, summer, fall; life has different seasons too.
Life has a way of evolving in springtime. Life returns after the cold months. And thank God, we made it through the cold months. Thank God we learned to find warmth during colder times. At minimum, at least we made it out alive. And here we are now (together) to create another memory of warmth to be thankful for.

Pain happens. We know it does. We know this because life happens. And life happens without hesitation. We know this too. Make no mistake about it. But pain is also like the seasons, and though it rains sometimes, it can’t rain forever. Eventually, the sun comes back again.
Pain heals. People improve.
And when we are in the midst of sad times, although the pain seems incredible, eventually, we can heal enough to look back and be thankful for where we are.

Keep this in mind:
In relation to time, our entire life is no different from the span of one full day. We are born at the sunrise of our life. We live through noontime, or the figurative mid-life, and then we move towards evening until the sunset when our eyes close for the final time.

Life is lived during this time. Dreams are made and destroyed. Life happens. Birth happens. Death happens. And no one escapes this. We die several times in our life. Figuratively speaking, of course, but still.

We are born unto new beginnings every day and we die in different ways all the time. This is how we evolve. This is how we learn. Above all, this is something to be thankful for because at least we have the ability to improve (or heal).
We are literally reborn on a daily basis. Figuratively, however, we die several times throughout the course of our life —only to be reborn again unto a chance to find a new way of living.

It is important to understand that whether we die in the figurative or literal sense; the fact remains it is only by dying that one awakens to eternal light. In which case, in whatever death we see while alive, we are reborn to live once more and try again.

I am thankful for this. As a result, I am stronger from this. We are all stronger.
Man, woman, mother, and father. We, in whichever form we choose to call ourselves; we are strength. We are strong. And strength — strength is relative. Strength is not limited to either gender or position. Strength comes in different forms. Strength can be physical or emotional. Strength can be spiritual as well, yet in all forms, strength is influential.
Strength is inspiring. In which case, even the weakest hand can show the utmost power. Perhaps a strong arm can flex or lift weight; however, when challenged at the heart, this kind of strength can weaken at the knees, collapse and fall apart.

Strength is not defined or limited by age. Strength is not identified by sex or race. Strength in itself is defined by one’s ability to withstand. Strength is the ability to remain as you are above controversy. This is the ability to live, love and be as you are without giving in to persuasion or forfeiting to outside opinion. 

This is stronger than muscle. Muscle is weak when it comes to this application. Muscle is weak because muscle is temporary. As time goes, muscle fades. After a while, even then novelty of beauty fades, in which case, the skin deep is only skin deep —in which case pretty exteriors mix with ugly insides, making a person only average at best.

Muscle is living and anything living comes with the fate of mortality. Fact is stronger than muscle because muscles can weaken but facts will never die.

Those who bravely remain as they are, those who choose to live, those who love and live as they do without apology, and those who endure, those who refuse to quit and those who continue without giving in to persuasion, whether they are man, woman, mother or father; they are the truest forms of strength. And me, I am thankful for them because they have shown me what it means to endure. They have taught me what it means to love, unwavering and unafraid.

If I am to be strong, or at least stronger than I am now, then I must be strong enough to be as I am and not be afraid or give in to persuasion. If I am to be strong, then I need to be strong. I cannot be swayed or forfeit to opposition.

If I am to be strong, if I am to be like man, woman, mother and father, or whichever, then I must be strong enough to commit. I must be strong enough and willing to endure without mercy or apology.

If I am to endure, then I must endure to no end and be as I want to be, which is strong. Simply put, I want to be one step better than I was yesterday; continuously, consecutively and consistently. One day at a time, for the rest of my life.

So what am I thankful for?
I am thankful for the lessons I have learned. I am thankful for the people I love and for those who love me in return, unwavering, from now until the hour of our deaths (Amen).

I am thankful for this time, here with you. I am thankful for the dawn which is about to be underway. I am thankful that I have a place in this world. I am thankful that I have a roof over my head. And I am thankful that I am one step better than I was yesterday, continuously and consistently.

Above all I am thankful because I choose to be. Otherwise, I would only be regretful. And who wants to be regretful on Thanksgiving Day?

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