A Quick Thought About Our Paths

There was a helpful exercise I remember from a class that I took on transformational coaching in which, the entire class held up a sheet of paper. Everything else was to be cleared from our desk,
The instructor told us all to close our eyes and hold up the sheet of paper.
With our eyes closed, we were instructed to fold the paper in half and then rip off the top, right hand corner of the page.

Then we were told to fold the paper in half again, still, with our eyes closed and this time we were told to rip off the bottom right hand corner.
Next, the instructor told us to fold the page once more, still with our eyes closed, and this time tear off the top left hand corner.
The following step went the same way with folding the page once more and tearing off the bottom left corner. All the while, our eyes were to remain closed.

We were instructed to open our eyes and unfold the page. Each person in the class was given the same instruction. We all did as we were told; however, when all of the students unfolded the page, each of us had a different outcome.
The ripped pieces of the paper were in different formations from one another. This was proof that although we might have the same instructions and though we were all told the same thing—we all had totally different interpretations and we all came to totally separate conclusions.

This means we all process information in our own way. This means we are all unique, regardless to our similarities, and that although we may hear the same news and we might see the same things, we will always have our own conclusion, which may or may not be like anyone else’s.

I wanted to write about this because not everything we think is true is actually truth. Not everything we believe is fact —it’s just an opinion based upon the interpretation of a lesson we learned.
Much of what we learn is based upon a social pattern that we saw or heard about, which is based upon an interpretation.
We never questioned this. At some point, someone in a position of authority said, “Do it like this,” and so we did, but meanwhile, this person was following a pattern that was forced upon them by someone else’s pattern that was forced upon them as well.

At some point, in order to grow, we have to question some of the lessons we learned. We have to remember that people are flawed.
We all have our own way of processing information. My view or version might not interpret the same as yours or anyone else, which is fine, because the fact remains that we all process information in our own unique way.

I began to think about religion this morning. I thought about the different versions and translations of the bible. I looked to see how many translations or “Versions” I could find on the bible. I lost count, somewhere around the number of 44.
But what does this mean?

It is said that the bible is the truth, well? How could there only be “One truth,” and yet there are 44 versions of the bible?
The versions may be similar but the interpretations and translations are different. And yet, this is “The Word,” this is supposed to be “The Truth,” and there can only be “One Truth,” yet, how can there be truth in different versions?
There is only one truth, any alteration of this truth becomes a version of truth, or better yet, this becomes an opinion or interpretation of “The Truth.”

When I sat in the class and I looked at my page that had been ripped as directed and then I looked around at the other students that held up their sheet of paper, which looked differently from mine, this solidified my opinion on the blueprints we use to base the plans of our life.

In order for me to better myself and be true to me; I have to first understand me. I have to understand that I have the right to my own interpretation; however, this does not give me the right to enforce my opinion on other people.

Furthermore, we all have the right to create our own blueprint to base upon the construction of our life. We have the freedom to change plans at any given moment.
We have the freedom to think, to envision, to aspire, to hope, and to create. Above all, we have the freedom to dream —and no one has the right to take this away from anyone.

Just know that your dream belongs to you. My dream belongs to me, and although we might base our dreams upon the same direction; the truth is our finished product will always be unique because we are unique.

In basic transformation, everything starts with an idea, then a vision, and then a plan, followed by an action. The vision is yours. So is the end product. And don’t’ worry about the path you’re on or if anyone else agrees with it.
Along the way, I had to come to the constructive conclusion that my path might not be right for some. But that’s alright because my path is the path that works best for me

This is my right and as such, no one has the right to take this away from me (unless I let them.)

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