Stream of Consciousness: Here Comes The New Year

There is no time for New Year’s resolutions. Not today. Or should I say at least, “Not for me.”
I am reminded of a line from a song that says, “The revolution will not be televised.”
This is not to say that I am looking for a revolution or the need to revolt nor am I entering my plea for political attention; however, I am showing the need for change.

I would like to see a change in the dynamic of treatment between us. I would like to see an improvement in the way we treat wellness and mental illness and systematically, I would like to see the decline in things like social, economic, and educational snobbery. I would like to see people get down from their high horse and walk for a while. I would like us all to come to the realization that there is an entire world around us that does not need or care about our input, and furthermore, I would like to see self-importance give way to a more interpersonal generosity and understanding.

I would like to see a better sense of synergy.
I would like to see a better sense of unit cohesion between us all, but then again, an idea like this would have to call for unity first—if there is such a thing.
In a few hours, the clock will strike midnight and this year will become last year, which is fine with me.

I suppose Gil Scott-Heron was right. The revolution will not be televised, which is not to say that I mean this from the same standpoint as him, but yet,  what I mean is the revolution will not be televised in the sense that life will happen without regards for fairness or concern.
When I say the revolution will not be televised, in my sense; I mean life will always be life. So be prepared and be mindful.

The truth is everyone has a fight of their own. The truth is everyone is recovering from something.
Everyone has fallen. Everyone faces adversity.
Everyone hurts and everyone bleeds.
When I say the revolution will not be televised, I mean it in this sense —that no one knows the cross another one has to bear; and in some cases, no one cares, which only means now is the perfect time to work smarter (and not just harder.)

This means whatever it we need to find; whatever we need to do, whatever helps, whatever pushes us forward; let’s find this now because there is no congratulations for those that give up on themselves.
The truth is come morning, the sun will rise. The only question is what we plan to do when this happens.
The truth is pain is not over and neither is adversity. The truth is both pan and adversity are part of life. The question remains, however, what are we prepared to do about this?

If we look for it, the truth is there will always be a reason to quit. There will always be an excuse. There will always be someone or something looking to hold us back from reaching our full, possible potential.
There will always be some kind of alternate force; there will always be an opposition, and there will always a reason why things are not so easily done. In this case, I repeat the revolution will not be televised. I repeat, there is no congratulations for those that give in and there is no celebration for mediocrity.
However, stand in the face of adversity and move forward when all else holds you still and this is more than a chance for celebration because this above all things is heroic..

The truth is we are all in this marathon together. Yet, at the same time, we all have our own race to run. And to be honest, in most cases, there is no celebration at the finish line—no, there is this and only personal satisfaction. And that has to be enough.

Going forward, validation must come from within.
Going forward, in order to move forward (at least for me) I have to be mindful of my motivation and mindful of my inspiration in whichever form they come to me.

The truth is we have become victims to our own internalization of information. We have succumbed to our misconceptions and the miscalculation of pertinent aspects of our lives, which are honestly less important than we believe.
We have become the internalization of insults and mental injuries, which we hold onto like civil injustices—when in fact, none of them will ever help us propel forward.

And truth be told, I wish you were here.
I wish you could hear the sound of the keys banging as I type this to you. And no, I’m not angry. I’m not mad or crazy. I’m dedicated. I’m done with the ideas of fear. I’m done with self-doubt. I’m done with wondering ideas of “What if?” or asking myself the age-old question of “When?”
As in,”When is is my turn?”

It’s true; the revolution will not be televised.
it is also true when I say this revolution only belongs to me—the revolution of self, which is to overthrow the existing politics or governments in my head, to seek my own independence, and circle back to the beginning, or back to the starting point, which is where we are now.
In a few hours, the clock will strike 12. This means we have evolved and revolved around the sun, once more.
One full year has passed.

The question I come to is what have I done?
What do I plan to do?
Do I quit or do I continue?
Which one?
This revolution is mine, same as you have yours, which may or may not be different but the source is the same and so is the need to be validated.

If my life is up to me then my life is up to me, which means I have to action and let this be up to me. I cannot live my life hinged upon anything or anyone else.
My revolution is this; to move forward, to be, to choose, to live, and to improve, each day on a continuous basis, day by day, until we revolve once more around the sun..

The truth is there is no better advocate for me than me.
There is no better advocate for you than you.
This means no matter what, each day, we have to get up and stand up until we find ourselves here again, with the Earth at this point, just before New Year’s Day—


3 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness: Here Comes The New Year

  1. I always find the greatest inspiration in your thoughts. This post especially. I appreciate the time you put into them and the humility you share, for it is, truly, a shared ideal that just needs awakening.

    It is easy to take up the concept that ‘it is just another day’ but surely another day is an achievement in itself and maybe one should take the new year’s as an expanded celebration of this. A celebration, not of another year passing, but another year of being alive and truly living, whether that was painful or happy times. We must burden it and move on with the thought of better days. And, as you say, there will never be a grand accumulation of credit you will receive for this, but we must do it for ourselves, so we can look back and have that moment of pride at having lived, loved, lost and kept going.

    WIshing you a promising 2020,


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