Sunday Morning Motivation: The Elimination Of Worry

Imagine what it would mean to be free. Imagine what it would be like to be free of worry and free of irrational fear.
Imagine if there was no such thing as self-doubt. Imagine if our happiness was not hinged upon the ideas of “If.” or “When,” and instead of depending upon the outcomes of our daily living, regardless to whatever happens to us; imagine a life free of the dependencies upon people, places, or things.

Freedom from all of this is really freedom from one thing. Before we can be free from anything we need to be free from the ideas of failure. We need to permit us to be free from our own judgement and the perception of others.
We need to free ourselves from our attachments to the ideas which say, “If I don’t have this, then I can’t have that.”

The dictionary says freedom is the exemption from external control, interference, or regulation.
Freedom is the act of being “Free” or at liberty rather than be confined or restrained.
The dictionary tells us that freedom is defined as the power to determine without restraint—the dictionary says freedom is personal liberty as opposed to bondage or slavery.

I say freedom is defined from within.
I say we keep ourselves as slaves more than anyone else does.
I say freedom has less to do with our physical surroundings and more to do with the limitations we set upon ourselves.
I say we are no more confined than we believe ourselves to be. Therefore, if we are to be free then first, we must be free from our unnecessary emotional attachments.

This is not to say that we are to be free from emotion. There is nothing wrong with emotion.
Emotions are defined as the various affective states of consciousness in which we experience joy, sorrow, hate, or pain.
Feelings are fine; however, feelings have nothing do to with fact or fiction.
There is nothing wrong with feeling. There is nothing wrong with our thinking either; however, there is something troublesome about our connective thoughts that lead us to the ideas that hold us back.

Keep in mind that both fear and pain or both excellent teachers. They are excellent motivators; however, emotion has a way of deforming facts.
Memory has a way of deforming truth and altering perception, which is when emotion gets in the way and attaches us to inaccurate ideas and opinions.

The fact remains that not everything will be pleasant. Bad things will happen to good people. And the truth is, we can work and try hard—we can even shoot for the moon, but the truth is we can aim at the target but we’ll still miss.
This is life.
This is not about right or wring, good or bad.
For some reason, we hold an emotional attachment to all of our plans. We have this addiction to our passion, which dictates whether we will be happy or not because we have sold ourselves on this bottle-up version of success. We believe in a blueprint which we were sold upon long ago.

But before going onward, what is success?
Good question because I looked this up too.
The dictionary says that success is the favorable or prosperous termination of events or endeavors. The dictionary says success is the attainment of wealth, position, and honor.

I say success is a state of mind.
I say success is a state of being.
I say success is the continuation amidst failure.
I say this more upon us than our position or that status of our employment. More to the point, I say success is the way we honor ourselves.

I say it is successful enough to get up, get out of bed, and keep going.
I say there are days when it is successful enough to continue and keep moving; regardless to whatever is going on around us.

I say success is the ability to stay the course, even when all hope is lost and the outcome is anything but desirable, and yet, here we are, still on the path because regardless to whatever happened, we did not quit.

And worry.
What does worry mean?
The dictionary says worry means to torment one’s self or suffer from disturbing thoughts; to cause or afflict anxiety.

In order for us to eliminate worry we have to disintegrate the internal narrative that holds us back with tormenting ideas that do nothing else but create our concerns.
At some point, in order to find our best version of freedom, we have to turn off the thoughts that take away our focus and learn to channel our energy towards working on our goals.
We have to replace ideas with action, and rather than hold onto the emotional attachment of our outcomes, we need to be clearly mindful of our efforts, because, quite honestly, in many cases the outcomes of our surroundings are far beyond our control.

The disintegration of worry begins with the foundation of our faith. This is not the faith in God or God as we understand him; however, if this builds personal structure than fine, so be it.
The elimination of worry begins with the foundation of faith in self, —which is not easy, especially in the rougher moments or in the beginning of any personal or major change.
First and foremost, the elimination of worry begins by identifying and understanding our own personal equipment.

If you are reading this, perhaps maybe you are sitting down. Maybe you are in a chair or on a couch. Chances are you’ve not even thought about this because you know the chair or couch is there to support you; therefore you know you are not going to fall.
The couch or the chair is supported by a floor of some kind, and neither of them think of the other because the presence of both is just a given.
At no point (at least I hope not) was there a concern of falling or being physically hurt by reading this.

My point being is we have to understand what we have. We need to understand our own equipment—and we need to have faith in what we have so that we can turn our focus onto something else.
Rather than give in to worry and the torment of ideas which deal with outcomes and equations that are beyond our control—we have to focus our mindset on the visions we set for ourselves.

It’s okay to be afraid. It’s okay to even say “Fuck it! I want to quit.”
Hell, I’d rather speak about my doubtfulness than bury it and let this fester inside me.
Sure, I have doubt. I have worries. I have my fair share of concerns too. But so what? This only makes me human.

I had to learn that worrying is a choice, which I can choose to do at any given moment. It was told to me a long time ago that misery is always welcoming and never turns down company.

But see, the thing is I don’t want to be miserable.
I just want to be free.
Free from doubt, free from me, and free from the ideas that my success hinges upon anything or anyone else but me

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