Musical Therapy

There are times when words fall short until you press “Play.”
That’s when the music starts.
That’s when the song comes on to introduce the lyrics.
And the songs that fit us best are is not just any songs.

They are the songs we grew up with.
They are special items of our past,
which we have kept and stored
and held in different departments in our brain.
This is the real antidepressant.

I say this helps us feel. I say this helps us let it out,
even if it’s only for a few minutes.
I say that music comes along
and helps put everything to the side for a minute
so we can dance and let our bodies move
so that are mind can forget.

I have my bouts at night when I cannot sleep.
The idea machine starts turning.
This leads me down a thousand different paths.
One thought leads to another.
Next, I am reliving old conversations and feeling anxious
I am thinking about the day ahead of me.
Then I put on a few songs from my past.

These are the songs that make sense to me.
They remind me of something else, like a distraction,
and I allow this to happen until I can close my eyes
and fall asleep
I let myself sink into the sounds.
I close my eyes with the volume played low enough
just so I could hear it.

There are some things I believe,
which I believe are true for all of us.
I believe in the need to be wanted.
I believe in the need to be validated.
I believe in the need to seek, and to learn,
and the need to explore.

I believe this exists at any age; however,
I believe the needs change as we age.
I believe in the need to acquire and grow.
I believe in the need to feel satisfied as well as justified.
I also believe in the need for a voice.
I believe in the need to be understood.
I believe in the personal struggle
and the questions we have
that cause us to wonder
“Why life happens the way it does?”
I believe in the need for answers; however,
I believe more often than not,
there are times when no answer will ever be good enough.
And that’s why there’s music.
That’s why there’s art.
That’s why there is this thing within us all
that causes us to nod our heads when song comes on,
and when the lyrics play,
something within just says, “Yeah, that’s it!”

I believe with all my heart that music says what our words cannot.
And this is fine for me.
I think about the songs that explained our youth.
I remember the special anthems we played
that explained our rage and our need to run and jump around,
or to feel as free as possible, to dance, to scream,
to sing at the top of our lungs
no matter what our voices sound like.

I believe music is the first drug with no downside.
I believe in the musical highs of my favorite bands
and the variations of sound from quiet to loud
and slow to fast.

I think about love songs
and the songs we sent out to our high school crushes.
And then I think about the music that compelled us to move forward,
to stand up, and to break away from a life we no longer wanted.
I believe this with all my heart
that when there are no words, press “Play,”
and let the sound come along to take you away.

I believe this is the best medicine —and sometimes,
this is the only medicine
which helps settle the lonesomeness,
to accompany us, to understand,
to strengthen, and to remind us,
“No worries . . . Good times will come again.”
and until then, at least we have our music
to absorb our thoughts
while cleansing us with a song.

Music is the way
This is how to settle the uneasy contracts,
which we need to break.
We use this to celebrate.
We use this to dance.
And sometimes, to weep.

Truth is I haven’t danced in a while—

But I could at the drop of a hat!

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