The Way

There are different paths for different people; however, there are some that find themselves hurting or wondering if there is any true meaning behind the words personal redemption.

Safe to say, to overcome an obstacle we have to overcome obstacle-thinking. In which case, rather than estimate our limitations, we have to assess our abilities to create a stronger path of navigation.

To overcome means to prevail or get the better end of a conflict; as in, to come out on top or to outdo or outplay a moment, in which we saw ourselves as outmatched or less capable.

Safe to say to overcome adversity, we have to understand what adversity means.
Adversity is the adverse of favorable or fortunate. This is the opposite of desirable.
To overcome this obstacle would mean to overcome the obstacle-type ideas that present themselves in phrases like, “I can’t do it” or “I don’t know how.”
To overcome adversity or to come out on top means to free ourselves from bottom-type thinking. This means to see ourselves as more than less-than, but capable and able.

To overcome adversity means to overcome ourselves because one is never truly beaten. The only beating we take is the beating we give ourselves.
(Trust me. I know)
To overcome obstacles is to create opportunity. This means to create a new sense of navigation, to go around, to go over, under, or completely remove the obstacles we see until essentially, the obstacles become meaningless.

Rather than focus on the struggles or the strife and instead of fixate or contemplate the constant problems; to overcome obstacles means to create a new direction of flow, which is how we allow our energy to travel.

Our energy is constant at all times; however, energy is not positive or negative but instead, our energy is a guidable force in need of direction.
We are the switch.
Our mind is only a junction box with thoughts and ideas that move through conduits, like pipelines with tiny little trains, bolting through, in hopes of a secured destination.

Safe to say if we want to overcome adversity or if we want to improve, we must first come to the idea that we are capable.
We have to be prepared to do the work. we have to do what it takes to overcome the obstacles in our imagination—because this is what an obstacle is.
An obstacle is an illusion. It is only as real as we imagine it to be.
Obstacles are a figment; they are a mental invention, acting as a sign of intimidation that appears like an uphill battle that looks too steep to climb.

One thing above all is there are no battles more damaging or wasteful than that constant arguments we have with ourselves.
There is nothing more wasteful than the internal narrative that predicts the downfalls before they even happen.

If the fight keeps going, the mind begins to accept opinion as fact, in which case; the internal narrative predicts truth. Put simply, if you say it then you become it—

Safe to say the obstacles we face are conjured up by a series of notions, based upon ideas of limitations.
Success is not dependent upon others.
Success comes from the fortitude within
We have to come to this before we overcome anything.

Safe to say our toughest hurdles are the hurdles we’ve built on our own. These are the real obstacles.
The problem is not the action of overcoming an overwhelming act. But more to the point, the struggles we face with obstacles is overcoming a set of overwhelming ideas.

There is always a positive way around them.
We just have to find it.

In this case, we have to assess our abilities. We have to take stock of our advantages, in whichever way they may present themselves.
Keep in mind:
It is impossible to claim not to have any advantage because the fact that you have the idea to overcome is already an advantage in itself.
Rather than estimate the expense and assume the worst, we have to find our personal resolve by appraising our assets, which we all have.
No matter how bleak or poor things may seem; we all have assets.

Even if there is only the 1% of hope; nurture it. Even if all else seems to have fallen, nothing worked, nothing helped, everything appears to be lost and there is no light at the end of the tunnel; so long as there is hope, there is still the possibility of light.
Do not allow this to become dependent on uncontrollable surroundings. Do not give way and do not allow yourself to hang your happiness on anything other than you. Stem from within.
Go, be, and do.

To overcome adversity means to overcome one’s own self; otherwise, circumstances are only circumstances. They only mean what we allow them to mean.
At no point do circumstances have the right to dictate or define us. Therefore, to overcome adversity we must not find us or our diversity as an intrusion. So what if we are different?
Everyone has a right to be different.
Be thankful for this.
Your life should not be stigmatized or materialize as a mark or stereotype.
Instead, your path is your path. Know this.
Know that your ability to overcome is all the proof you need that from this day forward, you have the right to create yourself as your own best hero.

Do not look left or right.
Do not be distracted.
Wake up in the morning.
Get up and get out there.

This is the way to overcome obstacle-type thinking.

Rest assured; there will always be someone looking to point out your flaws. There will always be someone that preys upon your mistakes or thinks, for some reason, they know what’s better for you.
There will always be someone, anxious to put you down because of something within them.
But that’s them.
There will be someone that comes with a backhanded compliment or something to say, just because, and they will do this like it was their job.
So don’t take this personally.
Just realize this is them being them.
Do not let them being them stop you from being you.

There will always be someone with an idea or an opinion.
The way I see it is people have their own agendas; they have their own visions and their own ideas but no matter what, nobody will ever have my dream or the ability to achieve it. That job is for me.

To overcome adversity; or better yet, to overcome an obstacle, the first order of business is to get up, get out there, go, be, and do by any means necessary.

This is the only way to turn problems into a possibility.

Are you ready?

Get set. Go!

This is Felix Baumgartner. He is the first man to free fall from space. I don’t think he allowed anything to stand in his way. Neither should you!

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