Breaking Yesterday’s Chain

Everything behind you is behind you. Therefore, whatever happened in the past is still in the past. Nothing can change this.
Yesterday will always be yesterday, which means it has to stay there in order for us to move forward.
Replaying old conversations and reliving old situations will never change what happened. We cannot settle or re-litigate yesterday’s tension or resolve something that is unchangeable.

All this does is lead us down the rabbit hole of regret, which creates more regret. Although feelings may linger and disappointment exists, there is no way to renegotiate the past. There is no way to create a more pleasing outcome. There is only now and the ability to change our perception.

Therefore, I am no longer interested in the imperfections of life or the life before now. I have no control over anything that has happened to me, except for this very moment.
We have to deal with now.
From now on and from this day forward, rather than consider the imperfections of yesterday, we are only paying attention to the perfection of our ability to improve.

Yesterday is gone.
We do not live there anymore.

Taking inventory of things we don’t have and focusing on our losses will only lead to more losses.
Today is a new day. We have to let this happen.
We have to let today be sufficient for itself; otherwise, yesterday can happen again.
In order for us to achieve our goals to improve, we must forgive ourselves for yesterday’s mistakes.
We have to understand that yesterday’s transgressions were yesterday’s transgressions. Overthinking them will only allow them to overstay their welcome.

Although memories linger and feelings will present themselves, in order to be free from our past; we have to give ourselves the permission to move on.

There are three words, which everyone hears throughout their life.
“Let it go!”
There are times when we grip our moments of regret so tightly that we can barely breathe.
In which case, regret becomes the serpent that constricts around our chest—and each time we breathe in, regret squeezes tighter, like a serpent constricting around us to the point where we can’t even breathe.
So we suffocate.
We cannot let this happen.
We cannot hold ourselves both victim and captor.
In order to be free, we have to allow ourselves to be free.

I know this is hard but let me ask you:
When it comes to our desire to touch the fabric of our best achievement, who is our best advocate?
Who is the prime motivation to get back up and try again?
If the body is our machine then who moves it?
Then again, who is our biggest critic?
Who doubts us more than we doubt ourselves?
Us . . .
The answer is the same for all the above.

On the opposite side of our downfall, we are the ones responsible for us getting up again. We are the ones that have to stand up, each morning, and keep moving without regard for whatever happened the day before.
This is us.

It is easy to find excuses. It is easier to see adversity. It is easiest to give in and quit. It is easy to yell. It is easy to point fingers and blame.
It is also easy for the mind to follow the path of least resistance, which is why we look to pint fingers and re-litigate the details of our life.

But keep this in mind:
There is no thief worse than the theft of our own personal joy.
There is no theft worse than the thought which somehow steals our dreams and teaches us, “You can’t do it.” or, “You’re just a waste!”

From this point onward, we are no longer interested in our adversary. We are not interested in our adversity. We are no longer focused on the obstacles in front of us. No, from this day forward, we are only interested in the paths we take to advance to our next best level.


There cannot be any further negotiation with wasted time and wasteful thinking.
From now on, we will no longer allow ourselves to be swayed by the internal narrative that speaks to us about fear of fault and fear of rejection.

If we are to change our lives then we must first change our program.
We have to change our routine living, which is based on past pretenses.
Therefore, effective immediately, we will allow ourselves a new path.

Effective today, we give us the chance to come back from the unchangeable tragedies. Rather than give in to the pain and suffering, we will look for a way out from beneath the weight.
We will look for something within our ability to adapt and to overcome.

Today we will choose to learn about faith; we will learn about confidence. and about forward motion because so long as we are moving forward; we can never be dragged behind again.

Regret is a habit. Shame and guilt are habits as well. The same is said about the need to find fault. The dilemma is our own.
You see?
We cannot allow our memory to be a record of the past and repeat itself with the same ideas, emotions, or the same responses and behavior.

If we are to change then we have to change our thinking. We have to change the way we map our feelings and link them to our opinions, which are prejudice and based on past beliefs.

In order for us to change, we have to allow ourselves the freedom to release our grip of yesterday’s events.
We have to let go of our fear that yesterday can or might happen again.
We have to do this because if we do not move onward; then by the dynamic of repetitious thinking and the grip we have on our habitual ideas, our past opinions will only prove to show themselves true again.

This morning, I stood in front of a mirror and thought about the mistakes I have made in the last few weeks.
Some of them were big and some of them were minor but all of them weighed on me.
In order for me to move beyond them; I have to move beyond them. This means I have to defy the ideas in my head which tell me to quit or sit quietly. This means I have to move away from the thinking that leads me towards a depressive mindset and remove myself from emotional response.

Our brain carries a connection that links between experience and emotion. This creates opinions and causes us to jump to conclusions.
As long as we jump to conclusions, we connect ourselves to past occurrences that replay themselves over and over again.

The only way to change is to break that cycle.
To break that cycle, we have to change our responses.
We have to change our behaviors.
We have to retrain our steps.
Or, in my case of facing myself in the mirror; I have to allow myself the moment of forgiveness; to relieve me from the debts of my past, and in order to move forward, I have to allow myself the right to replace thought with an opposite action.

Otherwise, it will just be more of the same

I just don’t want that for myself

Do you?

One thought on “Breaking Yesterday’s Chain

  1. It’s important that we move on from the past, but sometimes, it isn’t easy, especially when the past has that death grip on us, refusing to let go, then, we struggle very hard, to break free, and we eventually do, if we’re, lucky enough to…

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