A Workman’s Thought

There was a time when I was younger and trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Here I am at the age of 47 and I laugh because I’m still trying to find out.
I remember when members of my family told me it was time to grow up. I was told there is no fast lane to success.
It takes hard work.
I was told to get ready to make an honest living. I was told about this thing we call “Corporate America,” which was this huge thing to me at the time.

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A Drive With The Top Down

When there is nowhere left to turn and the vehicle stops, then I suppose this is where we’ll find ourselves. I suppose we will look around and say, “I guess this place is as good as any,” and then we can take it from there.
This is where we’ll end up, hopefully, this is someplace warm and someplace nice. People will smile and say common things like, “Hello,” or “good morning,” without the need for payback or further expectation.
When the road ends and there is no more reasons to keep running, then we will at last have found a place that we can settle into a life, which we call our very own.  

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Dear America

Dear America,

I find myself now, sitting in the quiet of a Saturday morning. I keep coming to the idea that I should be learning something from this.
Last night’s rain was intense and left the grounds soaking wet. The sky is gray.
I can see this from the window in my loft. The wind is light, which I can tell because the branches in the trees are without any movement. The Earth itself is quenched and the mountains behind my home resemble an artist’s rendition of a sleepy morning in an Upstate life.

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Breaking Yesterday’s Chain

Everything behind you is behind you. Therefore, whatever happened in the past is still in the past. Nothing can change this.
Yesterday will always be yesterday, which means it has to stay there in order for us to move forward.
Replaying old conversations and reliving old situations will never change what happened. We cannot settle or re-litigate yesterday’s tension or resolve something that is unchangeable.

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Replacing Fear

Before going forward, we must remember that we cannot be afraid to try. Before we begin, we have to remember to leave our fear at the door. This is no time to be afraid. Instead, now is the time to put things in perspective.
Before we move on, we are going to replace the word fear with the word respect. Therefore, we are not afraid of our competition. Instead, we respect them.

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Time to Change the Game

It is raining now. The morning is even quieter than ever before. It is Monday, which would usually means something but there has been an alteration in our society. The change leads us to a strange kind of cabin sickness. This is not just me or you that are stuck inside. Everyone around us doing the same thing too.

I think about the times I would play sick and stay home from school. I remember wishing I could cut out and do this all the time. Meanwhile all the schools are closed now. There is no place to congregate and no place to experience life as we knew it. For now this new and temporary normal has put distance between us and so many others.

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Does Anybody Here Remember Sitcoms?

There used to be the occasional nights when The Old Man was home early from work. The entire family was in the family room. There was me, of course, and then there was Mom, The Old Man, and there was my brother Dave.
There used to be this thing they called sitcoms on television. There were shows like Three’s Company, or All in the Family.
All in the Family was the best.
Then there was Cheers, there was Too Close for Comfort and One Day at a Time was pretty good too.

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The Way

There are different paths for different people; however, there are some that find themselves hurting or wondering if there is any true meaning behind the words personal redemption.

Safe to say, to overcome an obstacle we have to overcome obstacle-thinking. In which case, rather than estimate our limitations, we have to assess our abilities to create a stronger path of navigation.

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