Covid Cleansing

Given the current situation, there is no reason to stress the obvious topics on the news. We all want the same things.
Now more than ever, we need to get ahead of this. We need to move forward. The truth of the matter is we all want the best. We want to find our way out of this, alive and well, and furthermore, we want to find ourselves financially stable, and back up and running. Agreed?

The arguments begin with the details that toss back and forth. The problem is the way people assume opinion is fact. Meanwhile, anyone that disagrees is simply wrong. we live in a time where politics has become the new religion. Only, instead of arguing about the validity of which God is stronger; the argument has switched to which politician is right.

At a time for unity, we are growing more divided than ever. But why? We all want the same thing. We all want to get back to “Normal” if there is such a thing.
We want the parks to open. We want the stores to open up and we want the businesses to be back and running.
There is no argument about this; however, the only issue is the unknown. The problem is the worker that returns to an uncertain environment. What about the possible rise of infection?
No one wants to see this. However, the debate continues between the educated and the unclear over details about a virus that changes on a daily basis.

It is safe to say that I want everything to go back too. I want my life back. It is also safe to say that I would rather work than be home.
Unfortunately, the partial layoffs have been handed down. Although I have much to be grateful for; I also have financial concerns the same as everyone else.  
Therefore, given the circumstances, of course I would rather be at work. I would rather continue my days the way they were.
Unfortunately, given the times, my days have to change for now. This means unemployment, which is a process I’ve never experienced before. Admittedly, this is stressful. Tension is high and so is anxiety.
But what can we do?

It would be inaccurate to think that we are alone in this situation. This is not simply a local problem or a state problem. This is happening in more places than the Northeast region. More to the point, this is more than a national problem. The problem is worldwide.

There are no argument that a problem exists — however; the solution is where the arguments begin.
There is a list of names that range from older to younger that have passed away over the last few weeks.
I have heard arguments that this has all been mishandled. I have heard opinions that the quarantine is an infringement upon our rights.
I have heard about the political fiasco that battles between the right side and the left. I have also heard people say they do not believe the virus is real, to which I enter no opinion for all the above.

It is clear to me that we live in extremely strange times. The pentagon released video footage of an actual UFO and nobody says a word about it. Not even the conspiracy theorists mention the footage. Instead, our attention is and has been guided by the major topic at hand: The Coronavirus.

Everybody wants life to go back to normal. But what does this mean?  What can we do to reduce harm or ensure that we will not ignite the rate of infection again?

At a time when vigilance is mandatory, we need to be extremely clear on the plans we set in place. We need to keep ourselves clean and virus free to the best of our ability. But how can we do this?
In uncontrollable times like now, the best we can do is work to minimize our risks of infection.

Social distancing is working. Cleanliness is also a powerful strategy. But what happens when others around us lack the same attention to details? This is where the questions begin.
How can we ensure our own safety when others do not consider the same precautions?
In fact, how can we secure our plans when there are others that do not believe there is a problem in the first place?

Taking opinion out of the conversation; instead of focusing on the virus at hand, we can focus on basic health skills to navigate away from the possibilities of any transmission or infection.

First and foremost; understand your surroundings and know your crowd. Create a “Clean” place for yourself. Find a spot where you can breathe at a level of comfort without the concern of infection. Consider this your “Home base” wherever this may be..

Understand that not everyone will have the same attention to detail; therefore, if possible, reduce your sharing.

Secondly, understand and educate yourself about the actual virus. Pay attention to sources and be sure the information is valid. People will often repeat news they’ve heard from someone else without checking for facts.
Remember, misinformation leads to more misinformation, which is why education from appropriate sources is crucial.

Another precaution to avoid the spread is simple: Stay home if you feel sick.
Or at minimum, at least stay away. Understand that a body’s tolerance and resilience is unique. Our body’s may translate viruses differently..
Even simple colds translate differently. Some suffer less and others struggle more. This has been proven — especially now in the middle of the pandemic. The virus processes differently, in which case some get well and others do not recover at all.

Aside from reducing the risk of infection, there needs to be a plan to reduce our levels of stress.
These are not simple times by any means. Depression is moving in an upswing. Put simply, we need detailed plans to calm our tensions. This is another reason why self-care is essential.

There are those in mourning and dealing with the loss of loved ones. Understand this. Also, understand that words do not replace the loss of a life. Everyone is entitled to think, feel, and believe in whichever way they choose. Therefore, now is not the time to create a political or religious conversion.

Otherwise, carry wipes. Keep cleaning supplies handy. Cover your face. Wash your hands as often as possible. Create a safe, clean environment wherever possible and allow your self-care plans to replace nervous thoughts with positive actions.

Times are tough. No one argues this. It would be inaccurate to believe that we are alone. The truth is we are all struggling. Everyone is hurting; even the ones that don’t believe this exists. The only way out of this is if we learn to work together.

Until then, stay safe, stay sane, and stay healthy.

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