A Note Taken From “The Boys” – I Know What We Need

There is a common theme amongst us all. Everyone is thinking about the time when we can be free to go out. Maybe we can sit down at a restaurant or go to a place where they play live music.
Wouldn’t that be nice?

We have been ordered to quarantine and stay home for quite some time now. There is only so much one can do around the house. Safe to say that most of us have cabin fever.
Even if or when we go out now, there are limitations. Nothing is really open, except for the supermarkets and a few restaurants that offer curbside delivery.
Everyone has to wear a mask now. Social distancing is in effect, which is fine amongst strangers, but this is difficult when you can’t see the people you love or touch them or hug them for as long as you possibly can.

I read about a great idea the other day. First and foremost, I must admit the initial idea is not mine. However, the idea that springboards from this plan belongs to you, me, and to anyone else that would care to join us.

The idea is to have an outdoor, drive in concert. Everyone is in their own car. This would make the threat of viral contamination or cross contamination a lesser threat, which in fairness is all we can hope for.

I have this vision of an empty parking lot, like maybe say, one of the bigger parking lots at Jones Beach. Or maybe we can take this a step further. Maybe we can build this idea at one of the big stadiums where there is ample parking and enough room to allow social distancing for cars as well.

People can bring what they want from home. This would limit the need for interaction or unnecessary exchanges . People can bring their own food and drinks. You name it.
We can tailgate so long as everyone honors the social distance between others. How does that sound?
After the lot is full and when the mood is as unstoppable as a teenage boy trying to grab beneath a bra, the bands could take the stage and the music could play.

We can switch genres and allow intermissions between the changes of music. We can take this from rock to progressive, to country, to dance, hip hop, and freestyle. The options are limitless and open to us all.

I think we could use a place to howl and be free for a moment. I think the idea of a good dance is not out of order. At least, not now. Plus, I think the tension between us all has become incredible.

The tough hurdle is not the willingness. I doubt anyone would have a problem with the idea per se. Instead, I think the trouble begins as soon as the music hits your bones. I think once the beat comes in and when the music starts, the energy is literally unstoppable. Wouldn’t you agree?
Once the song hits, we’re all going to want to dance and jump around. I’m sure of this, especially now.

One of the best concerts of my life was an outdoor concert at the Jones Beach Amphitheater. It was the end of summer and the boys were all together.
We found ourselves in an early spot at the parking lot and set up the grill. We had hot dogs and burgers of course. We had steaks and more.
Keep in mind, we go back a long time. These were the friends from my childhood. We all have our own lives now. But the time was exactly what we needed.
We gathered together to hear the music from our crazy pasts. We wanted to scream for a while and dance as hard as we could.

This was much different from the show at Camden, which was equally as wild but absolutely twice as reckless. However, I forgive myself and my transgressions on this night. I’ll go onward without details because the tension at the time was beyond overwhelming. But we straightened things out (fortunately).

Image may contain: 4 people, including Ben Kimmel, people smiling, indoor
The show at Camden, New Jersey. What a night it was!

It is clear beyond any reasonable doubt that sometimes in life, when the tensions are high like now and when the last nerve is all we have left, the best medicine for everyone is an absolutely, undeniably good time. This is exactly what I have in mind.

More than just a concert, I want to hear anthems of our freedom — and when I say freedom, I am not referring to the government by any means.
No, this is a much different kind of freedom.
This is the kind of free that kids understand. This is the freedom we felt the first time we heard a song from our favorite band and the mood hit us so hard that we could hardly sit still.

I want to create a show, even if I am the only one that shows up. I want to feel the sun on my face and let the wind blow through my hair.
I want to do a little two-step and throw my body around. I want to yell out the lyrics as loud as I possibly can. I swear I’ll behave if they let this happen (or at least I’ll try to).

Aside from a vaccine and some clarity regarding our future, we need a moment to break the tension because otherwise, the tension will take on a whole new level.

I think about creating a little scene. Or maybe I can find a place where something like this could become real. I have the ideas which I would love to see catch on.
I’d love it if one by one, people would join as a sign of solidarity. We could get together to play some music, to sing out loud, to dance, and even if only for a minute, to reduce the tension which is otherwise unstoppable.

I’m not sure which genre of music would take the stage first. I’m not sure if I care either way. I’m just sure that this would be better than any penicillin or antibiotic.
I say this would beat any antidepressant known to man — and the best part is the show could be free if the powers would allow it. Then again, if the powers allowed it; perhaps, this would mean the powers might want to come as well. And nobody wants that.
Anyway, I doubt the powers would come because this would be unlike them. The last thing the hyper-political would want is us to see them with their hair down, dancing and singing out loud, like the rest of us humans.

By the way, I’m open to ideas or working on this plan with anyone that has any interest. We could start with any band you choose — except if the band is Slayer of course. This was the band me and the boys saw at the Amphitheater at Camden. Safe to say the music is a little aggressive. But then again, maybe this is exactly what we need right now. 

Know what I mean?

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling
Screw you, Covid!

3 thoughts on “A Note Taken From “The Boys” – I Know What We Need

  1. The more we’re, not allowed, to have something, only makes us, want it more, even though, we all know, that, not going out, is, what will, keep us alive, longer…

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