Beware of Complacency

There was an idea that I wrote a long time ago which needs to be repeated. There are times when life is tough. This happens to everyone.
Everyone hits a rough patch. Everyone has “One of those days,” or weeks, or even months. Or, look at us now.
It is official that 2020 has not been the kindest year.
With all the concerns and quarantines and the recent tensions of riots and protests, safe to say that 2020 is a good year to learn from our mistakes. 

It is hard sometimes. It’s hard to find motivation. There is no shame in saying this. There is also no shame in the need to improve.
Needing to improve doesn’t mean that everything is terrible. Instead, needing to improve is only updating our skill sets, thinking, and performance. 

Still, in the gloominess of despair, whether the despair is personal or system-wide, it is easy to give into complacency or become stuck in a lifestyle (or a mindset) because we are unsure what we can do to create change. Complacency can be a dangerous word.

Complacency kills momentum. 

This is what keeps us still or in the same place for too long. This is what leads to unfair dependencies and gives us the permission to settle with the idea that, “This is good enough.”
But deep down, there’s more. Deep down we want to be better but this takes work. There will be discomfort. Intimidation plays a factor and so does our internal confidence.

We want to reach our dreams.
Everyone does.
We want to have what we’ve always wished for but yet, somehow, the idea of achieving this can seem elusive.
The problem with complacency is it holds us in a holding pattern and it makes it difficult to be our best version of self.

A lot can transpire throughout the course of a decision.
Life can change.
Everything can change.
You, me, everything can change.
This all starts with the decision to see this through.

We’ve passed the pre-contemplation stage. We passed the contemplation stage. Next is the planning stages and after which is time for action. But none of this happens without the decision to move.

If you could turn around right now, if you could walk away from anything or if you could do something different or be someone different, who would that be?
What would this look like?
What would have to happen to make this change go from an idea to an actuality?

If you could stop right now or stand up, walk out, or say goodbye to something to create a new life, what would it be?

I think of questions like this all the time. I allow them to paint a picture.
I’d like to add a little color to my world. I want to enhance my life but in fairness, no different from anyone else, I find myself in times of funk. I find myself locked in the ideas of complacency. I get stuck. I become both spiritually and emotionally lazy, which is all just a symptom.

I used to rehearse my goodbye speeches in the mirror. I used to imagine my opportunities knocking at my door. I’d rehearse my two-week notice at work. I rehearsed goodbyes to old friends and people that I never had the guts to get away from. I rehearsed this in the mirror or while driving alone in my car. Only, I never said my goodbyes out loud to anyone.
I just practiced them. Just in case.
I used to think of what I would say or how I would act if given the opportunity to stand on my own two feet and just walk away. Only, I never took that chance because my fears and insecurities were all wrapped in a blanket called procrastination. 

I wanted more.
I knew I did.
Instead, I watched the windows of opportunities open and close, figuring, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” This is a funny thing when it comes to procrastination because tomorrow never comes.

Be careful with complacency.
Complacency is the breeding ground for procrastination and procrastination pushes everything off until later.

A lot can happen after a decision. Even more can happen when we become dedicated to our decision. Life can change. Your path can switch from one direction to another. All it takes is an action.

There are people that live their entire life not having the life they want. There are people that never dare or take risks. There are people that sit still in their complacency. They never try. They never look to advance.
What kind of life is this?

Life has a way of uprooting our system and exposing our needs to improve. This does not mean our life was bad or that we are terrible.
No, this just means that “Now” is a good time for improvement.

The most empowering question I ever had to answer for myself is when is it my turn to have the life I want to live.
After this is the next question: When am I going to give myself the permission to make this happen? And then finally, when am I going to take action to make this so?

Change is possible. Healing is eventual.
However, both take time, decision, and dedication to make our dreams inevitable.

Start by doing what’s necessary
Then do what’s possible
And suddenly
You are doing the impossible
St. Francis of Assisi~

One thought on “Beware of Complacency

  1. Sometimes, we feel, hopeless, because of what’s, currently happening, out in the world, we feel, helpless to create a change, not knowing, that, if we make a change, in ourselves, we are already, changing the world, it just, starts small is all…

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