This Is No Accident

I am often reminded of a billboard I used to see in Long Island City before driving over the 59th Street Bridge. The sign was perched high in the air above the on-ramp. The letters were big and bright, which was perfect at nighttime. The sign said, “Perfection is not an accident”.

I believe in this.
Perfection is most definitely not an accident. 

Look around us. Look at the hours we put into our life. Think about the time we dedicate to our jobs — whether we have passion for them or not — and think about the hours we spend focusing on the dreams we want or the things we wish we had. Think about the life that we live on an everyday basis versus the life we’ve always wanted for ourselves.

There is an enormous misconception that the undefeated never lose. There is a terrible misperception that gains come without losses because put simply; life comes with losses.
Days go wrong. Plans fall through. People let us down and unfortunately, the world does not meet us halfway. The world doesn’t even meet us a quarter of the way, which means the saying is true.
Perfection is not an accident.
Perfection means you have devoted yourself. This means you have bled and sweat and ached and pained. Perfection is not an accident because success is not an accident. Never forget this!
There are only the rare few that can walk on the scene and somehow, things just fall into place. It is a rarity that natural talent is enough because even the naturally talented have to practice and prepare for the life they live.

Perfection is not an accident.
There are athletes in this world that have etched their name in our history. Their names are written in record books because of their contribution to their sport. And even they had coaches. Even they had to train because they knew their perfection was not an accident. 

It takes a lot to get where you are now.
Don’t forget this.

There are people that face themselves in the mirror without a form of certainty. They see themselves as talentless. They lack the ability to see their worth. And yet, even here is a state of perfection because it took a long time to get where they are. This took years of effort to be able to give up on one’s self like this. This too is no accident. 

There are people in the beginning of a transformation and face the uphill battles of change. They are afraid and unsure of what comes next. There are people that cannot see how they will feed themselves, let alone turn a kitchen light on to open up the refrigerator door and see how empty this is. 

There are obstacles. There are problems. There will always be people, places, and things, and of course, there will always be excuses and accidents that create distractions. There will always be something to deter us from where we want to be. Succumbing to this is not an accident.

Perfection is the most intentional thing we do. The way we train; the way we create and the way we build; the way we fall down and learn to get back up and the time we devote to our life is an intentional choice. Therefore, perfection is a choice. 

Read the words directly below to yourself and hear your voice when you read them:

Success is not an accident.

There are no accidental accomplishments. This takes work. Life takes work, even if we do nothing. It takes a lot of work to do nothing.
Don’t believe me?
Look at the homeless person you see on the street. Look at the one that is strung out or linked to a substance because otherwise, without the substance or “Thing” (in whichever form this may be) that person could not live without this substance in their life.
Think about the person slaved to a life they never wanted, but yet, there they are and this is the way they live. This takes work. This takes effort. Although this is not the ideal; there is a form of perfection here because they’ve perfected their own abandonment.

Life like this is not this accidental thing that happens to us

Think about the crutches we use in life. Some are beneficial and others, well, let’s call them less than beneficial.
With regards to the crutches we have in our life that are less than beneficial; we choose them for a reason. We used them as a benefit and then we came up short.
Think about the relationships we had high hopes for; only to find ourselves on the short-end. Think about the investments we made that we are too afraid to walk away from, and although we are on the losing end of them, we still remain loyal.

These crutches we have in our life:
Are they more loyal to us? Or, are we more loyal to them?

If perfection and success is not an accident, then neither is satisfaction. Happiness is not an accident. Neither is the life you live or the life you’ve created for yourself.

The only question to ask now is this —
Is the life you have now the life you want because if it’s not, then what has to happen to make this become so.
And whatever happens next, I guarantee you it will not be an accident.

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