From Choices: Just A Hint Of Perspective

I admit it . . .
The times can get to a person. I admit the tension is incredible. Politics have overtaken the news and become the new religion. The reports and the stories about the riots and the violence are enough to break us all. Or at minimum, the stories are enough to break and distract me from my greater self. 
I admit it. The social moods can be contagious. Only, I don’t think social distancing and face masks are the proper defense for things like this.
I don’t want to catch moods like this. No, I want to be better. I want to be strong. I want to be helpful and I wan to serve. I want to do more and be more because otherwise, I will only become less and less if I choose to give in.

Before I succumb to the ongoing depression and public arguments about who is right or wrong and before I find myself sucked in by the undertow of politics; I think it is time for me to put life into perspective. I think now is the time for a proper source of inspiration. 

I am thinking about a few names that I’ve learned about over the last few years. I’m thinking about names like Zach Sobiech. Maybe you’ve heard of him.
Zach was a kid with cancer. He certainly had a lot to live for but unfortunately, Zach learned that his time was going to be cut short. And what did he do? Did he complain? Did he argue? Did he yell at the doctors or curse at the world and say how he was offended? 
Instead, Zach reached deep within himself and wrote a song. He took all the love he had and then poured this into music. This young man lived life to the fullest even when life was being taken away from him. And yet, here we are, alive and well, and this is where we are. This is the way we treat each other.
I think about this young man. I think about the strength it takes to do what Zach did. He put it all out there and left nothing up to the judges so that when the time came, everyone knew exactly how Zach felt and what life meant to him. 

Or what about Wade McCrae Washington. Ever hear of hum? Wade is a professional bodybuilder. Only, Wade is not the typical bodybuilder. No, his strength is more than any body builder because no matter what challenges he faces, Wade presses forward and trains hard. He trains with all he has. This is the way he lives. This is how he survives. Also, this is how Wade defies medical terms like Cerebral Palsy. Wade says, “If it wasn’t for the gym and exercise, I would probably be dead.
Wade was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at 11 months and then he was diagnosed with scoliosis. He was told he wouldn’t live to see the age of 10.
Wade defied this.

I was thinking about Miles Taylor. I was thinking about the challenges he faces and yet, Miles never allowed his determination to diminish one bit. Miles also has Cerebral Palsy and dare I say this but I can only hope to be half as strong as Miles someday.
Miles broke a record and lifted 200lbs. He is famous for saying, “I have C.P. but C.P. doesn’t have me.”
I think about this. I think about the things I have and the problems I claim and then I think about the way I allow my surroundings to take ownership. But not Miles. Perhaps this might be easier for Miles because in reality, Miles is a super hero. Don’t believe me? Click on the link and see for yourself.

I admit it. There is so much hate going on around me right now. There are riots and murders being televised. The racial tension in my City is at an all-time high, but then again, maybe this is how things have always been. Maybe the ugliness is just more apparent now. Or, maybe the ugliness is all we see.
Maybe we need to see something beautiful to knock us back down to size. Or maybe we need to realize how we allow our weaknesses to become so goddamn strong.
I don’t want to be weak but moreover, I do not want to see my weakness overcome my strengths, which is why I am looking for sources of inspiration. And more importantly, this is why I have come here to see you.

As it stands now, I’m hearing more news about the tragedies. I’m listening to stories about our society and I cannot stand to see how we are falling apart.
I have seen people fight and argue. I’ve watched the news to see people stomp upon and burn the flag and then I’ve heard people scream back at them, “This is America. Either you love it or you leave it.”

See, this is the thing; I do love it, which means I will never leave it.
I just want to see us be better. I want to get rid of this pandemic nonsense. I want to go out. I want to go to a concert. I want to hug the people that I cannot see or be around because Covid-19 destroyed all the plans we had for the year 2020.

I remember January 1, 2020. I thought about the year and the idea of 20/20 vision. I was hoping for some clarity but this is tough to see through the confusion of all that’s gone on. 

I think about all the complaints I’ve heard over the last few months and then I think about the names above. Where has our strength gone?

There was a Mom that shared about her daughter on social media and explained that her daughter was writing to Santa because she was afraid his trip would be cancelled on Christmas Eve because of Covid.

I shared this on my page but just in case this was missed, I am sharing this phone number with you here. This is Santa’s hotline. Tell him Uncle Benny sent you. (951) 262-3062

The one thing I have learned is that hope cannot be lost. I know this. Santa knows this. I just want to be sure you know this too so that we can make it out of this crazy time – TOGETHER!

Here’s a little song by Zach to keep life in perspective for you.

4 thoughts on “From Choices: Just A Hint Of Perspective

    • If you don’t mind the suggestion, I’d be willing to bet that you have more than you believe –
      The fact that you “Feel” things (and God know being an Empath isn’t easy) in my opinion makes you a more valuable than you can imagine

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