I’m Being Called The Tattooed Minister

I have written about a lot of different things throughout the years. I’ve told you my secrets and my dreams. I’ve told you about my past and the hopes I have for my future. And for myself, I have spilled my thoughts on different pages to either rid me from my demons or restore my angels so that I could find some kind of sanity. One could say this is part of my plan. This is my therapy. This is my voice and my true self without any window dressing. But more, this has become a connection between us that has led me to more introductions than I could have possibly believe.

I grew here. Right in front of you. I became more of myself and unfolded the layers that I was buried beneath to evolve and surpass my expectations.

I have had the honor of writing eulogies for loved ones and for friends. But today is different. Today, as a minister, I have the honor of writing a script for the wedding I will officiate tomorrow afternoon, which will be Sunday October 11, to be exact. I take this honor seriously because this is very serious to me. I take this seriously because I will join the hands of two people in the bond of marriage. One of the two is a friend of mine for close to 40 years. This is how far we go back, since grade school, which is why I say this is an honor.

This is an honor to know someone this long. It is a privilege to be regarded and given this position. But more, it is an honor to see two people joined together. It was also an honor to hear from my friend when he called me up to say four life changing words which are, “I met a girl.” This means I was there from the beginning. I can still hear my friend say these words in my thoughts, which is why the words are worth repeating.

I met a girl!

There is something beautiful about this. There is something youthful about this but more, there is something lifesaving as well because all of our yesterdays have compiled and amounted to this: The here and the now, which is incredible to me.

There are times when we look at our life and we wonder if any of this will ever make sense. There are days when life comes without an explanation. At some point, all of us have wondered if we are somehow paying for some mistake we’ve made. And then we hear about this thing called “Fate” and we wonder about our own. What is fate anyway? Is it fair? Does fate have eyes? Can it see? Does fate know anything about how we feel or what we’ve been through?

Is fate just an unavoidable truth or does fate have entries and exits like a conduit or a highway, in which we can change direction at any given moment. But no, this can’t be because then we wouldn’t be here.
Would we?
The truth is I really don’t know. All I know is this is where I am, here and with you.

Life is a journey or so people say. And along this journey, we wonder things and question if this is where we are supposed to be.
Or, is there something better out there?
Does the universe actually have a plan?
And then we come to moments like now. We face the times as they are which are far from simple. And with all that goes on in life and with all that is happening; with all the confusion and the tension, and with all the talk about the upcoming election, Republicans, Democrats, right or left, and with the restrictions in place as a result of a virus; I am about to be part of a celebration.

And it is right that we celebrate. It is right that we enjoy ourselves. It is right that we remember this day and all the days we have together. It is right that we smile and that we love and that we feel the best way possible. It is right because the alternative is unfortunate. It is right that even among the heaviest of times; we celebrate because this is what it means to be alive.

I have sat down with you on a daily basis since August of 06. I have no plans to stop this. I have told you everything from the good to the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, hopeful and doubtful. But as it stands now, on this morning; I am writing to you about the grateful position I have to share a moment like this. I am grateful for the honor and grateful to be part of something bigger than me. 

I am humbled 
And so for now, I have nothing else to say but this:
It is right that we celebrate.
It’s a great way to keep us alive.

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