Just Sayin . . .

Here are my concerns. And to keep this simple, I think it is only fair to call this out as it is. This is only a concern. This does not mean my ideas are fact or fiction. This only means that there are some people that forget about the dangers of life when they are safe and carefree.

I admit that I am not educated enough to talk about certain types of healthcare. I am not a doctor. I do not pretend to know more than the average person about Covid-19 or even the flu for that matter.
In fact, I have only received the flu shot once in my life.
This was back when I was 17 and living in close quarters on a farm. The community was small but still, germs travel very easily in small places.
Needless to say, it was mandatory that everyone receive the flu shot, which I did under protest because I never had the flu before, nor the flu vaccine.

Then again, I never lived in a bunkhouse before with a bunch of other people in tight spaces. Perhaps I was never exposed to the flu before. Either way, as the powers that be instructed me to receive the injection, I did as I was told and lo and behold, I caught the flu for the first time several weeks later.
I did not catch the flu from the flu shot. However, when others in the house came down with flu-like symptoms, so did I. Hence, this is my concern. The need to take care of one’s self can not give way to a false sense of safety.

I never had the flu after this. I’ve had strep throat several times. And strep sucks!
In fairness, as tattooed as I am, I am terrified of needles. This is always something that causes a laugh in the doctor’s office. Either the nurse or the doctor has something to say because someone always asks me, “How can you be afraid of needles when you’re all covered up with tattoos?”
“Those are different kinds of needles,” I tell them.
And sometimes I grind my teeth. Sometimes I growl. Sometimes the fear of the injection can be intense. In fairness, I understand these are fears from my youth. In fairness, no, the injection doesn’t hurt too badly.
Still, I don’t like needles. I don’t like people sticking needles in me. I hate getting shots but sometimes shots are unavoidable. Like now, for example.

I was in a hospital last week. I waited in line and filled out a form. There were others waiting too. There was a man that was rude but then again, isn’t there always at least one person in rooms like this that needs to be told to “Shut up,” or “Wait your turn!”
I answered the questions and then went in the back room to sit with a nurse that came in from out of town. The nurse was friendly. She had a calm sense that made it easier to allow her to poke me with a needle. And she was quick too. The shot was as simple as 1,2,3.

This was my first round in the vaccine process to protect myself from Covid-19. I am scheduled to go back in three weeks from now to have my second shot.
So, what’s the concern you ask?
My concern is a false sense of security. My concern is that we forget the vaccine does not protect everyone. My concern is people miss their appointment for the second shot and yet, somehow, they’ll still believe they’ve been properly vaccinated.
I think about the times I’ve been sick and prescribed antibiotics. I think about the times I’ve taken the pills and how many times I forgot to take my medicine because I felt better.
I’m thinking about the misconceptions and the people that do not fully understand what the Covid vaccine will do. I suppose my concerns are valid. At least, I think they are.

I don’t know much about the medical world. I don’t know about viruses or vaccines. I just know that it’s been a long time since I was able to see all of my friends in one place. It’s been a long time since I was able to go to a show or a movie. All I know is I want to put the virus behind us. I want life to resume but sometimes, I think misinformation and ignorance have a way of bringing us all back to square one.

Again, this is just me. This is me spilling my guts because, hey, maybe I’m not the only one afraid.
I seriously doubt that I am the only one tired of Covid and all the damage Covid has done.
I wish we could all be on the same page sometimes. Maybe this way we could beat the virus and get back to normal things like maybe, hugging a friend without becoming a germaphobe. 
I’m still not sure about the idea of the so-called “New normal,” or if the vaccine is the game-changer everyone claims it to be. But whatever happens, I hope we find a way to open up the stadiums because it’s been a long time since I’ve heard one of my favorite bands play live and on stage.

Stay safe out there folks.
No judgement.
It’s like I said; I just want to put the virus behind us.

Don’t you?

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