Meditation For The Day

Before we begin, I would like to invite you to enjoy this exercise by stretching your imagination. First, we will start by envisioning the information below. See this as it relates to you and allow the pictures in your mind to unravel and unfold into a scene, as if this is your life. 

This concept is a visualization that leads us to making our dreams come true. I want you to see this as a link to us and the future we look to achieve. Keep in mind that as your imagination takes the stage, allow yourself to follow the directions and see yourself creating the best life possible.

There is an idea, which is more than a dream. This is a vision. This is the future. This is the life we want as opposed to simply, the life we have.
This is our vision statement.
We begin at the moment we wake up. The alarm rings and there is no struggle to get out of bed. The body is in agreement with the morning. We feel energized. We are rested and ready to start the day.

There are plans that we have for ourselves. We can see us begin our morning, getting ready, moving through our home. Our morning routine is perfected now. We can see this as we sip from our cup to down the last gulp before we leave our home. We are dressed and ready, gathering our things to make our way out to achieve our goals and create a perfect day. There are no concerns or roadblocks. There are no worries about the tasks in front of us because we have learned to have faith in us and our abilities to overcome adversity as well as any obstructions we might face.

Exiting the door, we walk into the outdoor breeze. The winds are soft and the fresh air is good to fill our lungs. The sun is coming up and the dawn is pulling off a major production in the sky. There is a beautiful vastness that spread out in the shades of color from the sunrise. Orange and purple hues act like a stencil to trace the underbellies of the clouds that stretch outwards from the horizon.

There is no stress. There are no worries. There is no concern for the day we are about to face. There is nothing pending from the previous day. Everything at home is settled. The upcoming day is a schedule of welcomed events. The challenges we’ve accomplished have become the roots to our success. Put simply, this is our dream life in our dream house in our dream location with our dream job.
This is us.
We have our bag hung over the shoulder. As we exit the home, we take out our key ring with the keys that open the doors to our picture-perfect home life and work life. 

Moving away from the doorway, we begin our adventure. All of our plans are set. All of our work is up to date. There is nothing pressing. There are no concerns with any upcoming meetings. We have learned to meet our day with perfect efficiency. This means we have learned to ground ourselves to become efficient and seamless. There is no reason to personalize events that do not pertain to us. We do not give way to distractions.

The morning air allows us a burst of energy. We use this to fuel the production of our day. And as we make our journey, we indulge ourselves by enjoying the landscapes around us. We notice the buildings and the trees and the streets and the people on the sides of the road. There is no tension whatsoever. There are no regrets. There is only our natural source of energy. This is the energy we use to allow us to be eager to begin the day. We use this endless source of energy to face our daily routines with an enthused sense of enjoyment. 

Envision yourself in the life you have always wanted to see.
Picture the surroundings and see all the components.
Allow yourself to see the world you want to build.
Complete this with all the designs and decorations you wish to see.

You are healthy. You feel strong. Your body is in tune with itself. There are no discomforts or pains. You’re excited to see the benefits of your life and pleased with the reflection you see when you look in the mirror. 

The days are smooth and flow freely. There is no congestion or personal traffic that intrudes upon your life. There are no more roadblocks or obstacles because we have learned to change our perspectives. We are no longer intimidated by tasks. Our sense of order and priorities have helped us organize our schedule. Problems create possibilities and obstacles lead to opportunities. We are able to navigate through our day without the complications of overthinking or performing at an overly-emotional level. We are not hinged or dependent upon passion or addicted to the outcomes because we are solely focused upon our efforts and the promotion of personal efficacy.

Because we have grown, we are comfortable to face challenges without seeing them as a threat. We are no longer afraid or threatened by other people. We are not afraid or intimidated by the unknown. We are comfortable with gaining new experiences and learning new methods.
There are no threats anymore.
We have created a life that we are comfortable with because this is us at our best. We are a benefit to those around us. We have learned to focus on mutually beneficial and reciprocal relationships.
We have decided to move away from one-way and one-sided partnerships that drained our best possible abilities. 

There is no stress anymore. There is no fear. There are no questions, difficulties or uncertainties that we cannot overcome. 

As we think of this and envision our best version of life; we breathe in through our nose and exhale through our mouth. We envision our imaginary clips of the days we wish to create. We create the scenes and the scenarios of greatness and achievement. We see us as we’ve always wanted to be. We are happy and healthy. We are able to work, live and enjoy life without the threat of emotional tasks that have kept us hostage. 

With each breath, we see ourselves as free people. We are free to live as we choose and free to create, fulfill and reach our dreams. We enjoy this vision because to have our dreams come true, first, we have to know what they look like. And therefore, by creating this vision on a daily basis, we give our mind something to search for. We feed ourselves the energy our desire needs to find our purpose and fulfill our truest and most satisfying destiny. 

After reading this, I would like to invite you to close your eyes. See this to the best of your ability. As you create this vision, breathe in. Breathe in nice and slowly through your nose. When your lungs are full, pause for a quick second and then exhale through your mouth. 

Build the life you want to see without apology, without fear, without regret and without any distractions.
Give yourself the permission it takes to allow this to be you.
Choose it. See it.
Become it.
And no matter what, the only time we’ll ever look back is to realize how far we’ve gone. 

The sun is coming up now.
Good. Now go . . .

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