Sunday Morning, 04/24/2022

Not sure if you can see this. Or, in fairness; I am not sure if you can see what I see or feel what I feel. And yet, I know you can see the sun and the sky. I know that you can feel the return of warmth. As the warm weather returns, I am sure that you have your own connections with the springtime – and of course, you have your own connection with the summer. 

They say that people feel better in the warmer months. This is our time. This is our moment when the axis tips closer to the sun. They say that the length of daylight in the summer months improves our serotonin and melatonin levels. That’s science for you.
Or, maybe this is not so complicated. Maybe this is as simple as the weather is warmer. The winds are not whipping with an angry, cold breath. We can reveal our skin, once more, and feel the warmth of the sun. 

Ah, the spring and the red-breasted robins with their little hops across the lawns.
I see them. I hope you do too.
Ah, the return of color and the sprouts that will soon blossom.
Soon enough, the sun goes down later and wakes up earlier. The days will be longer and yes, the nights will be shorter. The early sunrises are incredible this time of year. Then again, the later sunsets are pretty too.

I’m ready for this. I’m ready for the warmth and the sun and the hopes that somehow, this will all put us one step closer to the places we want to be. I am hoping that for the moment, we are all at peace. The wars can end – at least for now. The battles won’t miss us. And I’m thinking about the perfect scenery and a perfect glass of lemonade to go with it.

No need to fight. No need to argue.
No need to say anything at all.
Just enjoy.

I am waiting for the first sign of fireflies, the lightning bugs, and the idea that sometimes; it is enough to sit quietly and enjoy the sunset. It’s enough to enjoy the emptiness and the outside air.
It’s enough to sit still and not feel the need to move or fidget around because the mind can keep calm.

It’s enough to feel and think and sit without saying, doing or having to prove ourselves to anyone or anything. 

It’s enough to detach from the ideas of right and wrong or subjects that grieve us the most. It’s enough to break away from our doubts and it’s good to separate from our inaccurate assumptions.
Better yet, it is enough to break away from our distractions that keep us from an accurate version of the world.
It’s pretty though. The world, I mean.
There are beautiful things in any direction we turn. However, our vision can often be distracted and because this is true, we forget to look up to count the stars or see the full moon (and be happy).

There are mornings when the sun comes up and the sky takes on a new appeal. The heavens are quiet. The mind has yet to be overrun. We have not thought about the day’s tasks (or nonsense) and in the moment, things are still beautiful. We can be thankful for the little things like a cup of coffee or a good piece of toast.

Sometimes, it’s enough to have a good meal. I swear this is true – and when I say “meal,” I mean the kind that makes you forget about anything and everything. When I say meal, I mean the kind when the flavors remind you of a childhood gathering. Mom’s cooking. Or Grandma’s.
It’s enough to sit back and be full and satisfied. 

There are moments in life, which are not challenged or riddled with questions. There are times when all is right; and perhaps this is brief or fleeting and in fact; if these moments are small and only scattered; still, there are times when it’s enough to sit back and enjoy the silence.

There’s no need to consider regret. There’s no need to think about the things we didn’t say or wish we could undo.
In our moment of silence, there is no need to think about the take-backs. We can forget about the sad or melancholy drizzle of lonely ideas that breach the day like somber rainfall – lugubrious and dismal, I grant you, but there are times when it’s okay to lay back. There are moments that come in which we can indulge in a perfect silence. We can enjoy a moment that is unmolested by the need to be right or to be heard or to say an ordinary thing like, “Hey, pretty sunset. Right?”

I’s important to realize who we are and that it’s okay if we have scars or weaknesses. It’s okay if we have imperfections, bruises, breaks or abrasions.
It’s okay to be who we are (as we are).
We are us, which is perfect.
We are fine the way we are because we have the wherewithal to know that although life does not run the gamut between fair or unfair; at least we can stand. At least we showed up, each and every day
We can say that whatever we’ve made it through; we made it. At least, we’re still here and that for now, it’s okay to let go of the fight.
For now, it’s okay to enjoy the peace so that in our mind, all of our worn soldiers can enjoy a truce. 
Even if it’s just for a moment.

There are no guarantees in life.
We know this. 
No one ever promised us perfect timing or an easy ride.

However, sometimes, it is best to understand that the problems and the weight upon our shoulders are not always what we think they are. It rains and it pours but the storms will eventually subside. The sun will always be there.

Sometimes, it’s good enough to sit in your own company or with however few or however many you love. And for the moment, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the moment. 
Eat something. Drink something.
Or better yet, do something that helps you lay back and say, “AH!”

I am not sure where you are or what you can see right now. I am not sure what the clouds are like outside of your window. I don’t know which way the wind blows or how the sun feels on your face. So, for now, let me share my morning view.

The grass has become green again. The tulips are starting to bloom. New York is good place. I can promise you this. Then again, the world is a good place. No matter where we are or where we go, this place is incredible (because we’re in it).
The sun is warm enough to tan the skin and the birds are chirping again. It is quiet now. It is Sunday, to be exact. Tomorrow will come with its own hectic problems and crazy moments. But for now, the morning is quiet. The sun is up and all is peaceful. 

Perhaps we should enjoy it.

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