Just to write

I don’t know how we do it. We just do.
Life comes at us from all different directions and
each day, we get up.
We get going and we start all over again.

I think I’ll call this the, “I don’t feel well,” prose
I was reminded of a quote I’ve heard before.
But life goes this way. We hear things a thousand times.
Then we come to an awakening and it’s like, “Hey. I get it now!”

The quote says, “You cannot change people around you
but you can change the people around you.”
I think we forget this.
I think we forget our rights as people and for whatever reason,
we somehow go along just to get along,
which is unbecoming.

Man, we live in a crazy world.
There’s always something going on.
There’s always something on the news.
And there’s no more special interest pieces.
There’s no reports of hopefulness in our community.
Or something like:
Extra, Extra! Read all about it.
Little kid opens up a lemonade stand –
and makes people smile.

The news sucks.
Social media has a strong presence,
which is not to say that social media
does not have some redeeming qualities.
We can reach out to each other.
We can catch up on old times.
We can get messages from one another
or share funny jokes – or not so funny jokes
depending on the flavor.

I have chosen to show up here on a daily basis
which is not always easy.
Especially today, with very little sleep –
my back hurts and my legs are achy.
My stomach has not been a friend to me for the last 24 hours.

But still, the clock is on and like everyone else,
I have grown folks’ business going on.
I have commitments and responsibilities.
And sure, I can excuse myself.
I can tap out and say, “Not today.”
Or, I can keep to my commitments,
which is how I keep them valuable.

This is my first priority of the day –
To come here and write to you.
And today I have no agenda.
I am not writing this to start another project.

I’ve finished the last one and
I will take some time before moving to the next idea.
But for now, I will keep this short.

For now, I will share this with you
as well as the rest of the dreamy-headed writers
who are like me, who are out there
who think of their craft and look to reach the next level.
We can either quit or keep going.
Both options can be painful at times.
But if we choose to continue,
at least pain like this comes with a purpose.

I’m not much right now.
I have chills and then I’m sweating.
My achy symptoms are not too much fun right now.
Safe to say, I need a good rest and a long shower.
But for now, I have life going on.
So, let me get to it.

Sick or not, my goals are still my goals.
And you will always be my top priority.

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