Love and Passion

I have to believe in this thing I have.
What I mean is, I have no choice because the other choices are not attractive to me, which means I have to believe in this thing I have. I have to do this because this is all I have, which is why I’ve come here to say what I have to say and hence; this is why I’ve come here to share this with you – to give you everything I have (and then some).
Come to think of it:
Charles Bukowski once wrote “find what you love and let it kill you.”
I understand what he means and far be it from me to judge or argue, but I don’t want anything to kill me. At least, not anymore.
Instead, I think we should find what we love and let this save us. Let this fill us. Let this put wind in our sails and provide the momentum we need to move at light speed – and yet, as fast as we go, we’ll never miss a thing because finally, we’ve found this amazing concept that makes us whole again – and now we can see everything.

Find what you love and stick with it.
Find what whets your appetite.
Find the soul, the person, the places or things that fuel your spirit.
Let this build your momentum until one day, you’re ready to break through walls and surpass your own wildest dreams.

Find out what makes you tick. Or better yet, find out what makes you happy.
Learn about your dreams and explore your ideas.
Feed them and let this grow.
Look at this like a garden.
No one plants one seed.
They plant many to see their gardens grow.
See this analogy in your mind and let this help you design the garden of your hopes and dreams.
Plant seeds. Nurture them.
And let them grow.

Find what you love and let this fill you. Not kill you.
While I understand what Bukowski was saying (at least, I think I do)
I would amend this idea to a different outcome.
Find what you love and let this save your life.

Let this build and grow and cancel all the beforehand moments or lonely regards you felt from your previous experiences.
Let this absorb the oils and the slickness of your regrettable pasts. These are the slick details that made you slip and fall. Now that the road is clear, allow this to be your motivation to never fall or backslide again.

Find what you love. Let this fill you.
Let this grow, one experience at a time.
Find what you love and feed this.
Nurture this with all of your heart and do this without apology. 

Understand that no one is going to do this for you.
Understand that if you never prioritize this then none of this will ever be a priority to you; thus, you will never be a priority and thus, you will lose to the undertow of a life that leads to the uninspired, the unenthused, the unremarkable and the simply uninteresting.

Taste your life.
Season this with all of the Sazón or seasoning that you can find.
Do not let go. Do not give in.
Nothing in the world is more valuable than this.
Nothing in the world is more irreplaceable or as invaluable or beyond calculable than this.

Find what you love, buckle your seatbelt and
hold on for the ride.
It is no secret that life is filled with twists and turns or ups and downs.
And there will be more to come. There will be times of pain.
Love knows all about this. 

There will be times when life is not responding to our dreams. There will be times when our dreams seem more like nightmares because our real dreams are waiting to begin.
But hold on.
And hold on tight.
Hold on with all that you have.
And don’t let go.

If this is your thing and if you’re about to write your next chapter, then write on!
Write on and be the author, not the reader, not the spectator, and not the one who sees life happening and does nothing about it.
If your story is truly yours, then write the script you’ve always wanted to say.
Leave nothing up to the judges and leave no stone unturned.
Live every second – even if those seconds are hard or unfair.
Live them. Hold on tight.
Endure and overcome.

Let your love become your shield.
Let this become the reason why you’ll never quit or submit or give in to the unfair know-it-alls who come along and tell you, “That’ll never work.”

Somewhere in us all is a spark which can either be fed like a flame or dimmed like a soft yellow light that is outweighed by darkness.
Somewhere in our hearts is a choice – to go or move and tilt forward, or to return, to withdraw and retreat. 

Find what you love and let this make you stronger than ever; which, and here’s the interesting part – I get it. There are times when we are tired.
There are times when we hear about how strong we are. And it’s good to be strong. It’s good that we can endure or that we can “take it.” But this doesn’t mean we want the pain or that we’ve asked for it. Of course we’re strong. We are flesh and bone, love, and courage.

But sometimes doubt is strong too. Sometimes, doubts lie to us and mislead us from our truths.
Don’t listen to this.
I know that purity stings.
I know that truth can be bitter sweet.
But don’t quit.
Don’t stop.
Love back to that which loves you.

But don’t let this kill you.
Let this fill you and from here on in, let this help you take on the world.
From now, until the hour of our death (Amen).

Let this be the thing that gets us out of bed in the morning.
And for me, this is why I’m up now
And here to see you . . .

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