Prose From the Soul: Friends

I can say that I have had friends of all kinds.
Good ones, bad ones
real ones and fake ones. I have friends of opportunity,
friends out of necessity, out of convenience,
true ones, false ones, old ones and new ones.

I have made friends in places where I’d have never expected
and there are friends of mine
who I found through a process called life.


I have to say this –
When you’re “away” with someone or when you go through a process
at an in-patient facility or you come to the understanding
or find yourself at the bottom yet you’re not alone.
These friends are different from any other.

I have made friends in times when I was at my lowest;
and I know they were true friends
because they were there at my darkest times
and they were there to cheer for me at my brightest

Real friends cheer for your success
even if they’ve failed on their own.
Real friends are the ones who kept your confidence
and your secrets even if the friendship ended or is no more
the secrets and the honor are equally protected

Friends who we meet during the course of our life,
or those who have been there for us
or those who were down at the bottom at the same time

These are meaningful people
This is someone else who has fallen, just like you have,
and just like you, they’ve come with their wounds and scars and just like you,
the battle to them was equally as crucial – this is when you knew
you found someone who understands,
who you can commiserate with, which is not always helpful in the best of ways but still,
there’s a connection that cannot be broken
with someone who gets it
No explanation needed. 

There is a connection and an unspoken understanding
and the weird thing is, you could have just met this person
and at the same time,
it’s like you’ve known this person forever.

There are people who I knew for a brief period in my life and while it is true,
I have not seen nor heard from them in decades;
there was a time that we shared together; in which case,
I will always hold them in warm and loving regard.

I will always view them as lifesaving because had it not been for them
or their involvement in my life at the time,
I am not sure who I would be today.

I have to say that there are people we meet and instantly,
we know this will be someone who we choose to have in our lives
for as long as we can.
There are new friends who have become more valuable than family and why?
Maybe there is something cosmic to this.
Maybe this is chemistry or maybe this is fate.
However, I can say that I have met people who’ve walked through doorways
and in that second; in that brief moment of our first interaction;
I can say that my life changed, right there,
right at that moment.

I can say that friends –
Although fewer now; although different, although more connected,
although more understanding and more determinable,
due to my understandings and theirs;
I can say that I understand the word friendship
more now than ever before.

Friends . . . 

I can say that real friends find you when you need them the most.
I can say that even though years can pass;
true friendships do not have expiration dates.

It’s amazing how years can pass and love never fades.
It’s amazing how decades can go by
and then just like that; you can see someone
and smile the exact same way as you did before.

I used to feel alone in crowds but not anymore,
Know why?
It’s because I’ve chosen a better circle of influence.
I’ve chosen to create a new environment for myself.

I chose to stop surrounding myself with people
who promote my fears. Instead,
I have chosen to surround myself with people
who promote my ability
who push me to be better
who never leave me behind or,
allow me to think for a moment that once more
I’ll have to go through something again
on my own

In yesterday’s letter, I explained why I come here to sit with you.
Well, now you know why.
There are no friends like old friends
There are no friends like new friends
Above all, there are no friends like you
My most special one
My best friend
My reflection
My heart
My rock and redemption
My reason for being me.

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