Just a Thought, Just Because – Sign on the Bottom Line

We have entered into these negotiations for life
with the best intentions. We are here to negotiate
the terms of our next chapter and
therefore, going forward,
we have to come to a clear agreement
and therefore collectively,
we have to come to a decision
that from this moment onward,
whether our motivation changes or our levels of discipline
whither or vanish;
whatever we choose to agree upon at this point,
we have to be sure of all we agree upon.

I don’t want anything to come up after
or for either of us to have a need to amend
or change anything and that first,
we are here to agree upon,
that this is the life that we want
and then secondly,
we have to commit to the daily adherence,
to the ongoing routine maintenance,
to the hourly and constructively,
and continuous motion that which in this document
we agree to continue along this path,
come hell or high water
come rain or come shine,
whether there is pain or painless
and by any means necessary;
both you and I are here at the table to discuss,
agree, acknowledge,
and come to the committed understanding
that going forward,
we are going to comply with this agreement.

No matter what . . .

This is our contract
or pact
or agreement that going forward,
the only life we are interested in living
is the desirable one.
The only life we want from this day forward
is a worthy life.
We are here to live a full life,
one that comes with both ups and downs
yet the only life we want
after coming to this agreement
is the life deserving of our time and our value.

Once you and I
decide to sign on the bottom line
and once this document has been agreed upon
and essentially, once this paperless,
invisible document
has been notarized by the Universe and between us;
once you and I have come to terms
then this means that we have the rest of our life
to move forward and live as we choose

We have the right to be unhinged and disconnected
or otherwise free from chains, burdens and weights
which hold us back, like hooks in the back of our flesh
sunk-in too deep to let us go
and move ahead.

Once agreed –
we have the rest of our days to work, adjust,
change, moderate, apply and to accommodate ourselves.
We have the right to retain our dreams
and to search for happiness
and, by all means, attain peace,
to account for ourselves,
both honestly and constructively;
whereas at the end of the day,
our commitment is this:
When we look in the mirror and see ourselves
before resting in bed,
our job is to come to a constructive conclusion –
every day, from here on in, and say
I gave it my best.
I did what I could, where I could.
I lived with all I had and gave
with all I could

It is, therefore, to be agreed upon
and decided upon this contract
where collectively, you and I
have come to an agreement that tomorrow
is never going to be like the past
and that today has the right to redefine itself;
therefore, we have the right to change
and redefine ourselves as well –


We have the right to improve.
We have the right to change our minds.
We have the right to want, to need,
to feel, to dream and to experience life
and its glory.
We have the right to weep. We have the right to mourn.
We have the right to recover
and to readjust our sights.
We have the right to address and redress
the life we live on a daily basis

We have the right to remove ourselves from the equations
that no longer suit our math.
We have the right to slide our chairs back,
stand up and walk away from the tables
that do not fit our belongings;
and we can stand, push our chairs back in, politely,
and simply walk away from situations
that no longer deserve our attention
without looking back.
We also reserve the right to walk away
without questioning or over-questioning ourselves,
or looking back to see
if the things that do not deserve us
will miss us or
even recognize that we’re gone.

We have the right to train, learn, grow
and create. This is our job; hence,
this is our agreement, signed
by the blood of our will and intent
to overcome our fears and insecure notions
that chaos will come again
and either swipe our dreams or steal our dedication
with figurative lies
or misconceived truths. 

Once and for all, we are going to come together
and remove the dribbling nonsense and the childish ideas
of pretense or the worked-up notions
that typically bind these contracts to legal terms
and rather than this be a parchment of law;
instead, no.

This is only a forever-bond between two people;
as in you and me, or you and myself, you and I,
or for a simple distinction, going forward,
this is about us and to keep this even more clear,
this is only about us
because going forward,
Nobody else exists anymore

We are hereby removing ourselves
from the chain of events
that react or detonate our inner-most explosions,
to remove ourselves from the personal eruptions
that cause our craziness to interfere
with our best potential.

We are going to remove us from the triggers
that trip our grand destructions
and keep us from the fantastic dramas
that cause us to fight,
uselessly and senselessly,
and in all urgency, we are going to remove ourselves
from the connections we share
that degrade us
and keeps you and I from being who we truly are –
ruining our destiny which, if we think about it,
We have spent our lifetime
trying to find this
or us
or the thing we choose to call happiness; so, therefore,
upon signing this, we agree
that nothing can hold us back

This is to confirm that going forward,
you and I are agreeing,
and signing on the bottom line
with no fine print to worry about,
no need for the justice department
or for any official house
or legal representation because going forward,
if we choose to agree
and once we collectively agree,
then you and I will be on our way
towards our destiny.

I, then, do solemnly swear
that I as I am, with me being of sound mind
and with no ill intention, no hidden agenda,
no devious expectation,
acknowledge, admit and agree
to remove myself from my useless addictions
that serve me with nothing –

I agree to remove myself from the addiction to self.
I hereby remove myself from my addiction to doubt.
I remove myself from the addiction
to the five fingers of rejection,
which are blame, shame, fault, guilt and regret.

I removes myself from the addiction to self-destruction
I remove myself from the internal narcissist
I remove myself from the addiction to catastrophic thinking.
I remove myself from the addiction
to the constant narrative in the mind
which has often condemned my hopes and spirits
and, therefore, I remove myself from my addiction
to the codependent self.

I remove myself from the addictions
that hinge me to a life, undesired and more,
I remove myself and hereby clean myself,
whereas going forward I am here to be cleansed;
as in washed and freed from the filth,
the dirt and the grime of yesterday’s misfortunes,
misgivings, and in the face of my transgressions
and mistakes, I remove myself
from the constant belief that who I was
is only who I can be
because going forward,
who I can be is who I choose to be –


The deal is, I have to make the choice
And so do you.
So . . .
Going forward, from this day until the end of our time,
I do hereby commit to this and therefore,
it is my job to hold myself accountable
to adhere to this agreement
to let go of misery
to embrace hope
to envision my dreams
and to make them so

Signed, officially

Me –

And now,
it’s your turn

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