a poem for you…..

This is for Daddy’s little girl~

You should know that I have never gone away.
And though you may not see me as you once did;
I see you more clearly now than ever before.
While born of the body, the eyes close to sleep or they sometimes shut in thought. But I am not of the body; I am of the spirit, and my eyes never close,
not even to blink.

While of the spirit, my eyes see you in ways your body cannot understand
But know this……
Know that I feel the things you think of me.
Know that I hear your questions, and though your ears may not hear my answers; open your eyes and you will see them.

Look for me in the remnants of your memory, or in the tiny reminders, which I scatter throughout your day.

Know that I have looked upon you through the eyes of the sky.
I have seen your smiles as well as your tears.

Understand there has been no time or space between us,
nor could there ever be.

I have watched you the same as one would watch the sunrise.
I have cheered for you and laughed for you.
I have sung you to sleep on nights when you were restless.

And I understand when you weep…
I feel the same sorrow for every tear that falls and my physical hand is not there to dry them

But before you think I am gone;
know full and well that I would never leave you

You are my extension; you are the proof of my existence, and furthermore, you are the purest expression of my love.
I survive through you
Believe that life and flesh extend further than the understanding of days, and in each of yours, I have been there for every one of them.

I live in your ability to love and exist in your heart.

And because of this ………….my breath will never fade.
Believe that when you speak, I will hear every word.
And when you look, you will find me in the glimpses of everything that surrounds you.

It is true; the days of our life are limited by number.
But a father’s love is limitless

So sleep well, little girl
Your Daddy will always be with you




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