about the lost kids…

They were young, rebellious, and eager to taste the electric side of life. They were anxious to dive into the colorful, ultra-violet lights, and laugh their way into the psychedelic hours of an early following morning. It was just before evening and the sunset changed the summer sky into different shades of orange and purple.
The green grass behind the playground of the elementary school was Continue reading

when you get older

It was not by choice, but I went to Hebrew School when I was a kid. I went to Saturday school too, but most of my friends went to Sunday school and Communion classes. I don’t remember much—other than I never did well, and I never did any of the homework assignments—I just remember not wanting to be there and thinking about my friends that were somewhere else, doing something different, and probably having a better time than me.

As it was, I had to sit through regular Continue reading

about a key

There is a key on one of the active key rings to my household and the door it opens is no longer there.
But once, it opened the door to a small house in the middle of a quiet street on a wide block. On early summer mornings, the sprinklers in the neighboring lawns would awaken and chatter across the green grass.
The suburban streets were lined with trees and the all of the homes were neatly kept with unique landscaping.
This is where I lived for several years.
I learned there. I grew and I evolved.

I landed my first real job while living in that house. I bought my first Continue reading


I see you like a leaf in autumn. You are beautiful; however, you are reluctant to change color and give in to the wind.
You hold on tight, gripping to the same branches you’ve clung to for so long. You believe this is the only place you can exist, so you refuse let yourself spin into the morning air.

You refuse to let go; you refuse to Continue reading

never quit

There is always someone anxious to say, “You can’t do it.”
There will always be someone to say, “Don’t bother. It will never work,”
or they’ll tell you, “There are a million people out there doing the same thing as you.”

They’ll say, “There’s someone out there doing it longer and better.”
And then they’ll say, “I just don’t want to see you get your hopes up.”
They’ll explain, “I don’t want to see you fail.”
But that’s bullshit….

Sifting through divorce, I went to a weekly therapy session and opened myself up to the idea of change and improvement. I followed suggestions, and along the way Continue reading


White sand tumbles into the undertow
as chemical moves through the blood machine.

Next is the chemical reaction.
Your body changes from an imperfect paradise and the mind detaches from all of its weight.

Your, “all too often,” thoughts submit to the sudden change, and then they wash away into the sea of forgetfulness.
(and that’s good)

There is no conflict here. There is no struggle.
Upon entering, the blast of euphoria smooths the sharp edges and dulls them into Continue reading