old insomnia poetry

The substance between you and me
is like wind beneath the gulls
as they hover over the ocean

….I like that

I like that I can sit back with you and be myself
I like that I’m thankful for random things
like the morning paper,
or a plain cup of coffee.

I’m not sure if you know this,
but I lose myself in the sway of your body
I lose myself in the thoughts of your skin against mine,
or your breath against my neck.

 The substance between us is like the morning’s first light
.… I like this because it is my favorite time of day

I watch you lying beneath the sheets
Your shoulder is exposed
and your leg is uncovered.

I like this because I don’t have to say anything
I can just watch you lay with your hair
hanging over the side of your face
and enjoy my lifetimes of imagination

I think about you….
I think about the warmth against your breast
and the curve of your spine above your hips

I think about the substance between us
……..and the way my world could shatter
from the touch of your hand

I like that

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