a quick old insomnia poem


We were young not too long ago
and today’s full grown trees were half the size of now…

I have always been amazed by the resilience of youth.
I am amazed by the bravery
and I admire the ambitions
that somehow shed with age.

I think about little kids playing on the playground
I think about them swinging on swing-sets
and how they try so hard to kick the sun

They try because no one ever told them they couldn’t do it
Their ability is very real and their reality is almost untouched
….or pure.

Little girls play jacks or jump rope
and little boys flip baseball cards or collect action figures
some play Hide and Seek
some dream
some pretend
and some grow up and ask themselves,
“Where did it all go?”

We were young once too….

Our ability was real
and our reality was untouched
…or pure



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