Spoken Word Poetry: Strength

These things are strong:
man, woman, mother and father.
From this evolves life.
This gives birth to generations
and creates history to our future.

Man, woman, mother, and father.
Each title is individual;
each has purpose,

and although synonymous in definition,
each one of as man, woman,
mother, and father
we are all defined
by our own unique version.

And love . . .

Love is strong because love exists 
Same as man, woman,
mother, and father are real;
love is equally real.

Life is cyclical.
Same as the seasons change;
same as we have winter, spring,
summer, and fall;
life has its own seasons.

Life in relation to time
is no different
from the span of one day.

We are born in morning.

We live through the noontime,
or the figurative mid-life.
Then we close towards evening
and move into the elderly twilight
until we sleep at night.

Life is lived throughout this time.
Dreams are either made or destroyed.
Life happens.
Same as birth happens
in both the figurative and literal sense;
death occurs in the same regard.

We are born unto new beginnings
and we die in different ends.
In some cases, we rise
in others, we fall.

Man, woman, mother, and father.
These things are strong.
And strength . . .
strength is relative but not limited
to either gender or position.

Strength comes in different forms.
Strength can be physical, or emotional.
Strength can be spiritual as well,
but in all forms, strength is influential
in which case, even the weakest of hand
can show the utmost strength
by enduring the toughest of times.

Strength is not defined or limited by age.
Strength is not identified by sex or race.
Strength in itself is defined
by one’s ability to remain
and withstand.

Strength is the ability to remain
as you are

and to live above controversy.

The ability to live, love,
and be as you are

without giving in to persuasion
or falling to outside opinion
is stronger than muscle.

In this sense, muscle is weak.
Muscle is weak
because muscle is temporary.

As time goes, muscle fades.

Or more accurately—
muscle is living
and anything living
comes with the fate of mortality.

Fact is stronger than muscle
because fact can never die.
Those who bravely remain as they are
and those who stand in spite of others;
those who choose to live, love,
and be as they are
without apology
those who endure without
giving in to persuasion

or outside opinion,
whether they be man, woman,
mother, or father
they are the truest versions of strength.

They are the strongest of all
because their facts remain consistent
and untainted.

If I am to be strong,
then I am to be like this.

If I am to be strong,
or at least stronger than I am now,
then I must be strong enough
to be as I am
and not falter
or give way to persuasion

or outside opinion.

If I am to be strong;
if I am to be like man, woman,
mother, and father,
then I must be willing to endure
without mercy or apology.

If I am to endure . . .
then I am to endure,
and thus,
I can be as I am 

Simply put . . .

I just want to be as I am
without mercy or apology.
I just want to be consecutively stronger
than I was yesterday

One Day At A Time


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