From Sessions From the Balcony: A Love Piece

She lay back on the bed above the covers and comforter with the side of her face pressed gently on the fluffed pillows. Her knees were slightly curled and both of her hands pressed together and placed between her knees. Her loosely fit pajama pants were light blue and her t-shirt was white. Her long blonde hair was brushed straight and dried after an earlier shower. Her eyes glistened and her ivory colored skin seemed to glow beneath the gentle glow from the bedroom lamps on the nightstand.

She watched him this way—a hinting smile explained that she was ready for him. She watched as he walked into the bedroom and undressed himself after a long, hard day at work.

“How was your day,” she asked.
“Long,” he told her.
“Did everything go okay at work,” she asked.
With a slight laugh, he replied, “As okay as anything can be at work.”
“I was thinking about you a lot today,” she informed him.

Meanwhile, with his back turned as he stood in front of his side of the walk-in closet, he had no idea that she was quickly undressing herself behind him. He unlatched his wristwatch and placed on the oak dresser in the closet. He removed his wallet and car keys, placing them in their usual places next to a dish with a money-clip inside that clasped together a humble amount of pocket cash. He unbuttoned his pants to remove them, one leg at a time, and carefully hang them on a hanger. Then he removed his dress shirt and tossed it into the hamper.

She spoke to him as he undressed and unraveled from a stressful day. She pretended to listen as he detailed the accounts at work; however, her focus was elsewhere.

“I can’t wait to take a shower,” he mentioned.
“I feel like I stink.”
“I like the way you stink,” she assured him.
“I feel like it means you work for a living.”
“I certainly work for something,” he replied to her.

As he turned around, his eyes opened brightly to find her on the bed, undressed, and waiting for him. Her breasts were full and her nipples were thick and pink. Her legs were smooth and teasing him by running against each other. She lay on her side facing him. She was soft and clean-shaven. But more, she was soft and waiting for him to stand firm and stiff at attention.

He smiled.
She smiled in return and explained, “I told you I was thinking about you a lot today.”

Stepping forward, he dropped his white boxer shorts to the floor and stepped out from them. Instantly, he stood exactly as she wanted him to—erect and at full attention.

“Is this what you were thinking about,” he asked.
“That’s exactly what I was thinking about,” she told him.

Next, he stepped over to the foot of the bed. She moved towards him, eager to wrap her hands around his back and feel the weight of his body upon hers. She climbed over to him and placed kisses at his stomach.

Looking down, he placed both of his hands at the side of her face. She looked up at him. Her eyes glistened and her lips appeared moist. Leaning down, he softly placed his lips on her mouth. She accepted his kiss, but more, she accepted him. She accepted everything about him because to her, everything about him was perfect.

She wanted to feel him. She wanted to explore his body with her hands and trace him with kisses along his chest. She could not wait any longer. She had to have him.

Leaning back, her legs opened as he arrived between them. At first, he did not enter. He simply brushed his reach between her legs. She could feel him at her gates. He was thick and hard and she was wet and wanting.

Moving himself around her opening, he teased her, making her ache and beg for him to push inside of her. Each time she would position her hips to force his insertion, he moved himself backwards to further tease and create more of an ache.

“Were you thinking about me today,” she asked him.
“I’m always thinking about you,” he answered.

She clung to him. With all her strength, she wrapped her legs around his back, squeezing his body to force him to enter through.
Instead, he arched his lower back, keeping the tip of his reach just at the mouth of her entryway. And when she paused—when she seemed as if she was not expecting his thrust, he pushed through, forcing himself passed the gates of her womanhood and diving into the depth of her body.

She screamed in a loud, surprised moan.
“Is that what you wanted,” he asked.
“Yes” she told him.
“Yes,” she repeated.

His hips began to move in a firm, steady motion. Each thrust sounded in a slow applause as his hips pounded into hers.

“Is this what you were waiting for?”
“Yes,” she whispered.

With both arms pushing down on the bed, he created a short distance between their two bodies so he could watch his insertion begin and retreat. He watched as his reach moved in and out. His shaft glistened from the silken wetness given off from her loving body.

Her eyes rolled back as her eyelids fell to mostly closed. She gripped herself, squeezing her chest and pointing her nipples at him.

“You feel so good,” she told him.
“I want to feel every inch of you,” she said.
“I want to feel you explode inside of me.”
“Is that what you want,” he asked.
“Yes,” she told him
“That’s what I want.”
“Well,” he debated. Then you know I can’t just give it to you quite like that.”
Then he turned her. She was face down on her hands and knees. Her legs spread apart as he held onto his manhood, stroking himself, as he watched her form into her beautiful position.

“Is that what you wanted,” she asked.
“Yes,” he told her.
Then she reached down while looking at him over her shoulder and rubbed herself in a circle just above the opening.
“Is that what you wanted me t do for you,” she asked him.
“Yes,” he told her.

Moving in closer, the front of his thighs was pressed against the back of hers. Looking down between the spread of her cheeks, he allowed a little saliva to fall from his lips, spitting on and splashing himself at the tip before pushing it into her body.

He grabbed her hips as she rode back on him. The two collided and combined in a fast and furious pace. His jaw clenched and her moans screamed.
“Are you ready,” he asked.
She needn’t hear anything else. Knowing that he was about to arrive at the moment of truth was enough to make her arrive exactly at the same moment.

“Are you ready,” he asked again.
“I’m going to cum,” she screamed.
“I’m going to cum all over you,” she told him.

As she arrived, he exploded exactly as she wanted him to. He exploded inside of her—spilling each and every drop of him deep within her body.

Falling over, the two lay side by side. He panted with heavy breath. She was soothed and satisfied.

She told him, “Now go take a shower.”
“I told you I stink,” he laughed
“You do,” she agreed. “But I like the way you stink.”

“That’s love,” he said.

“It sure is,” she told him.




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