With All of This

With all that goes wrong in this world, with all our faults as human beings, all the crimes we commit against one another and the disappointing displays in lack of humanity, with all the rainy days that crash the party, all the upsetting defeats, all the arguments that resolve nothing, the meaningless fights that ended meaningful friendships, with all the bills that come which I cannot pay, and all the taxes that come but I have no choice to pay, and with all the struggles I have, as well as the anticipation that anything which can go wrong, will go wrong at the worst possible time, I know there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel.
With all the scenarios in life being at its worst like a flat tire on your car without a spare tire in the trunk, no phone to call for help, no one stopping to help while you’re lost someplace in a town far from home and you have no idea where the next gas station is; with all those who pass by laughing while you’re struggling like this or in your daily life, and while those who either publicly or secretly cheer for your failure, and with all those looking to steal wind from your sails, looking to see you fall or fail just so don’t pass them in this thing they call the human race, I know there is better out there for me.

I have to know this. otherwise, I might give in. I might fall and never have the determination to get back up.

With all political differences of today, with all those who are literally offended by absolutely everything because they are fragile little people with perhaps way too much free time, or their issues are displaced and the problem is a much deeper one that belongs to no one else, and  because they are angry, boastful, egocentric, self-absorbed while claiming to be about “The People” and aside from being everything wrong with our country’s society, with all their complaints and debates on the inaccuracies of political office, their screams and rants when in fact, they are the people who forget beauty of freedom is the right to form your own opinion and not have to accept another’s idea as fact.

With all the media reports to install a special kind of unforgiving fear in society, to mold us, control us, and have us respond as rats; with all the problems of now, at work, the bad days, the bad bosses that quite possibly have a terrible home life, so they come in and take it out on us; with all the enemies that smile at us, and when they smile, we know this is for a reason and the reason is never good; with all the sickness, disease, cruelty and deceit; I know there is still good in this world.

I know there is good because I have seen it. I have seen terrible things happen that resulted as blessings in disguise. I have seen pain turn into strength and watched the smile of child regain from a frown.

I have watched the sunset go down over the mountain behind my home and been fortunate enough to see it rise the very next day above the mountain in front. I have watched as a family of deer walked through the woods near my shed on the wooded side of my property without a care in the world, majestic and beautiful, and both buck and doe were followed by a fawn. This is enough for me to see the world is a much bigger place than I assumed, and me with my own imperfections; I sometimes forget this and I lose sight of the simple most beautiful things in life: Mother, Father, daughter or son.

In the story according to Mark, chapter 5, a synagogue leader named Jairus approached The Son of Man. He fell to The Son’s feet and pleaded, “My little daughter is dying. Please put your hands on her so that she will be healed and live again.”

The son of man went with Jairus. Behind The Son was a crowd of people who followed to see what would happen. Some doubted. Some believed, but all followed to see what would come of this. Along the way, a woman was sick with bleeding. Nothing was able to cure her. As The Son of Man passed, the woman reached to touch His clothes with the belief that only by His touch, would she be healed, and so she was.
The Son of Man realized there was a change. He asked the crowd following him, “Who touched my clothes?” Falling to her knees with fear, trembling because she knew what she had done, the woman admitted to touching The Son’s clothes. The Son of Man smiled upon this woman as He said, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go home and be free from your suffering.”

As this happened, some people came from the house of Jairus, the synagogue leader and told, “Your daughter is dead.” Overhearing this, The Son of Man told, “Do not be afraid; just believe.”
The Son did not allow the crowd to follow any farther; only his disciples followed. When they arrived at the house of Jairus, The Son noticed people crying in front of the home. “Why all this crying,” asked The Son of Man. “The child is not dead, but only asleep.”

No one believed this. Then The Son took the child’s mother and father by the hand. His disciples followed. Walking into the room, The Son took this little girl’s hand and said, “Talitha Koum,” which means, “Little girl, come with me,” Immediately, the little girl stood. She was only 12 years-old. “Give her something to eat,” told The Son. “And tell no one of this.”

With all the unfortunate things that happen in this life, the deaths I have seen and the life we have that is often cut too short; I was able to stand up and place a gold medal around the neck of a beautiful 13 year-old girl who defeated Stage 4 cancer.
Whether The Son of Man, God the Father, science, technology, atheism, agnosticism, luck, chance, or even if it was something as simple as the odds were on her side, something somewhere said, “Talitha Koum,” and from a death sentence, I watched this little girl survive, win, and overcome.

I know there is good in this world. I know there are times when all seems bleak. I have lost much in my life; my Father passed while I was young, my Aunt who was second as a Mother in my life passed as well; my Mother joined them last June the 10th 2015. I have seen both financial and emotional bankruptcy. I lost great friends as a result of my own crimes. I have sinned against people I love, made mistakes, and as a result, I have felt the consequence of these actions.

Every so often, I see something as simple as a fallen leaf of autumn, dwindling slowly through the air from a tree above, and gently falls upon green grass. I know that seasons change. Autumn ends the notes of summer, which hibernate until spring when life will sing again.

Every so often, I see something so pure and beautiful. I watched a young girl sing to her mother and father. Her voice was no different from an Angel. I saw this and viewed the love between families. And now, as I write to you, I close with the sun shining through my window after yesterday’s storm. I see this as fitting because though it will storm, the sun will come out again, which means nothing is so tragic—at least not as tragic as they always seem to be.
With all of today’s cold times and hard talk, with all the deceit, and with all the votes that may be against me, with all the bills, troubles, arguments, and enemies, with all of this; I know that someplace, somewhere, and in some way, there will always be warmth and love for me.


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