A quick poem from Sessions: My Love

We have spent lifetimes trying to define this;
trying to find this thing in our hearts,
trying to find this thing we feel with

The French call it “Amour,”
and we emphasize the “more,”
because this is what the heart always wants

Love is the abstinence of doubt
and the rebuttal to fear
Love is the belief
that all things are possible
that anything is possible between us and
that neither time or space
or anything in the universe
can change
what true love means to one another.

Imagine what it means to sleep.
think of the way time passes in a blink
this is the way love is
Love is timeless
and most certainly

Love is the candlelight,
which somehow remains without reacting;
it remains regardless to the wind  that blows
or the rain, which falls.
Love is a light that can never be doused
nor extinguished
nor denied—
love just goes on burning;

This is love.
This is the dawn of who we are,
down to the core from where we begin;
This is our hope,
This is our path,
This is our source of warmth
to warm us
when the world is otherwise cold.

(and believe me, it does get cold sometimes)

Love was told to me best in a quick poem
written by a man whose name
I withhold from naming.

In my opinion—
His love was the best of his ability.

“He explained it like this:
A song is not sung till you sing;
a bell is not run till you ring it
and love in your heart was not put there to stay
for love is not love . . .
till you give it away.”

My love for you is exactly like this
. . . given
wholeheartedly . . .
. . . openly
and without boundary . . .

My love is the only thing that lights my way;
it brightens my path,
enlightens my view
allows me to trace your outline
to enjoy your sihlouette
and relive you in my dreams.

My love gives me something to look forward to
My love for you fives me something to look towards
when everything else seems dark
and gray.

Love has the ability to dissolve pain
it can mend the broken
Love can heal the sick
it can fix the unfixable
and bring the mind beyond the unthinkable.

My love for you is no different than the sun
daily, promising, always
But My love is also like the sunset,
also daily
also promising,
and comfortable at the end
because I know one thing:

Tomorrow you will be there for me . . .




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