Relaxation Script

First, find a place to sit still and shut everything off. Find a comfortable position where you not be interrupted or feel the need to move. Shut off the world. Shut off the technology in your mind and turn off the switches that connect to stress and tension.
Lean back and breathe. Allow your head to rest. Allow your body to fit comfortably into position. Do not cross your legs or your arms. Find a place where your hands can rest. Now close your eyes and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Feel yourself sink into position. Allow your eyelids to relax. Allow your mind to become a clear tunnel so that your thoughts can pass through without any congestion. While you relax your eyes, allow them to feel so relaxed that you couldn’t open them even if you wanted to.

Allow your mind to resign for the moment by giving yourself permission to relax.
Be still and feel comfortable in your position.
Relax the tension around your temples.
The temples are important because behind them is an artery the delivers blood to the outer covering of the brain. Feel the sides of your face relax. Feel a sense of soothing energy rush around your face, relaxing the jaw, and relaxing your cheeks.
Breathe in deeply through your nose and allow yourself a brief pause when you come to the top of your breath before you exhale through your mouth. And when you exhale, allow yourself a brief pause at the bottom of your breath.

As you enter into this state of relaxation, your face is relaxed. Now the top of your neck is relaxed. Each time you inhale, you oxygenate your mind; inhaling a fresh breath and exhaling all that you want to let go of.
As you breathe, become like the tides at the shore. Your inhale is the quiet waves of a bay as the water comes in to wash the sands. Your exhale represents the waves that return to sea and take away the sediments that weigh heavy in your mind. This is becoming the rhythm of your breaths that constantly cleanse both your mind and your body.

Now that you are relaxed, sink deeper into this feeling by giving away the stress in your neck. As you relax yourself, your neck gives way and the tension moves across from the top of your shoulders and down your arms, through the inside of your elbows and down to your forearms, through your wrists, through the palm of your hands and exiting through your fingertips.
From the top of your spine, a gentle sensation will move down your spine, through your hips, down through your thighs, through your knees, down through your calves, flowing through your ankles which carry the weight of your body, and all then this energy will escape through the tips of your feet.

Same as the mind is like an open tunnel; your body has become a tunnel, without congestion, and allowing everything to flow through you.
Now that you are relaxed and each stage of your body is rested, envision yourself in that tunnel, moving through and heading closer towards a beautiful light. As you exit the tunnel, find yourself in a place of freedom. Forgive your thoughts. Forgive your emotion and feel yourself peacefully still without interruption.

Keep still and find your rhythm.
Breathe in and out

All the muscle groups of your body are relaxed now. There is no discomfort. Each breath washes away the discomfort; each inhale takes in a fresh breath of possibility and every exhale removes all of your contaminants.

Imagine the sound of a gong sounding.
The tone is deep and relaxing. Imagine the vibration from the gong tingling through your body like a passage way. And as the gong sounds, you sink deeper into your relaxed state of consciousness.

This is where thought disconnects from feeling.
Feeling disconnects from behavior
this is where your urges melt away
There is no pain here
there is no discomfort
There is no fear
No caution
No reasons for worry

You are at peace now
comfortable and relaxed
Your mind has allowed itself the opportunity to let go

There is no more resentment.
There is no more anger
This is where your emotions take rest
and in exchange,
this is where you allow your intellectual mind to move into position and take control.

This is where you allow your intellectual mind to forgive your memory.
There is no emotion here in the intellectual mind; there is only plan and strategy, and as you find yourself hovering in this deep state of relaxation, you see your changes in front of you. You see your pains wash away. You see your unwanted memories fade. Your concerns vanish and your opportunities become apparent.
Your intellectual mind has moved in and disconnected your old neural pathways of thinking, and like an operator, your intellectual mind is reconnecting your thoughts with better possibilities and new pathways to help you let go of unwanted thinking.

Picture you standing on a mountaintop and watching a series of scattered red balloons drifting upwards to the sky. Each balloon represents all that you wish to let go. Watch them rise high in the sky until they drift up so far away that the only become a speck until total disappearance.


When you are ready, imagine the sound of a high pitched triangle. Feel this vibrate through your body; feel the soft tingle sound create a feeling through your entire body. This is the sound of your enlightenment. The weight is off of you now and when you are ready to open your eyes, you will carry this feeling of freedom and relaxation with you throughout your day.

I will count to five—

And by the time I reach the number five, you will find yourself ready to start the day.





Five . . .



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