Letters From a Son: On This Day

The hours of the day have a way of changing quickly. The summer just began and yet, here we are at the close of September. The sunrise is later now and the sunset comes earlier too. Pretty soon the canopies will change and the tree-covered mountains around my home will take on the colors of autumn.  It will be October soon, which means pumpkins and things like that. It’s pretty around here. It’s peaceful too.

I have always viewed the autumn months as a needed reprieve after the warmth of summer. I think the heat does something to us and we go crazy. And it’s good that we have this. It’s good that we have this transition between now and winter to help change our pace, to help us slow down, and to remind us that it’s warm when we bundle up.

Maybe I show my age when I say this but I believe in the words Mother Earth. As a kid, I am not sure I believed much of anything. But I do now.
We overlook Mother Earth sometimes. I think we forget just how small we are in this big place. Sometimes though, I see things, like take the mountains behind my home for example. Sometimes, I watch the red-tailed hawk circling over my home. Sometimes I hear the owl hooting from the pine trees across the street next to Old Wesley Chapel at sunset. Sometimes, I see life apart from my own and not only do I realize how small I am; I realize how big this world is. And it’s beautiful.

This is why I believe in the words Mother Earth. Only something so big could hold so much love, especially for a species and a society like ours that doesn’t always deserve it. However, a mother’s love is a mother’s love and as such, she is constantly ongoing and unconditional.

I once wrote there is nothing so strong as a mother’s love. And I believe this is true. I also believe that somehow, down here in the flesh, we find ourselves caught up in the wrong things. We get caught up in ourselves and in the wrong way of thinking. We get tied up in resentments. We argue about things, which in the long run, the things we argue about are nothing more than trivial and unimportant. We give in to fear. We give in to insecurity. We go the wrong way and take the wrong turns because we don’t know what else to do or how else to do it. And then suddenly, in a blink of an eye, we realize that we are all on the clock and time is this thing, just ticking away.

Unfortunately, understandings like this come a day late and a dollar short. This is not to say we were never warned about it. Time moves and no one can stop it. that’s for sure.
Mother Earth, she spins, and no amount of whining or complaining can stop Mother Earth from whirling around the sun one more time.
Like it or not, we age and we grow. Like it or not, life changes. Good things come to an end for sure, —and sometimes, this seems unfair because bad things have a way of lingering forever. But nothing last forever; at least, not here anyways.

I once wrote awareness is something that comes in time. And time is a relative thing. Some people have longer than others. Some are given less time to learn and some are given lifetimes, and yet, they still fail to learn a damned thing.

As kids the word tomorrow was an unending idea. I swear there was a time when I never thought I would grow old. I swore I would go on as I was forever and nothing could change this. Everything was a given. And tomorrow? Hell, as a kid, tomorrow was like an unending bag of candy. If I wanted another, I could just reach in my bag and grab one. This is why I say awareness comes in time because every so often, Mother earth comes along to wake us up. She tells us to pay attention. She sends us off to school, so to speak, because we all have much to learn.

It was mornings like this when my phone would ring early. My eyes rolled sometimes because it was early and yes, I took time for granted.
See, no one ever expects a phone call to someone they love or to someone with an important position in their lives will be the last one. If so, I think those phone calls would go much differently.

If my calculations are correct, you would have been awake for a while now and waiting for the clock to hit the right time to call me and say, “Good mornin’, son. Happy Birthday!” and you would go on about something like, “I still remember the day you were born.”

I used to never think these calls would end. I took them for granted. But Mother Earth, she has a way of knowing things. Like me, right now. Mother Earth knows how I feel. And if I was right, and if it is true that there is nothing so strong as a mother’s love; then I know you know how I feel too.

I miss you Mom.

If you can, try to stop by soon. The leaves will be changing within a few weeks. It would be nice to sit on the back porch and see this with you

Love always

Your son






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