Quick Prose: To Be Young

As grown as we might be or as grown as we might become, there will always be among us, the young one within us.
There will always be the young thought and the young soul inside our spirit that still maintains a love affair with wonder.
There will always be this inherent need to laugh and play and to smile. And ah, the smile of this child is like no other. This is us in our truest nature; undressed and undecorated, this is us at our core —smiling.

Of all things sacred, this is the most sacred thing we have.

As grown as I am or as grown I might become, there is now and always will be that inner child that wanted to run in a field or fly a kite in the air.
We will always be that youthfulness, that is, so long as we nurture it.
Else the child will have to hide until we find the time to let them and let them play.

First and foremost; I believe in the soul’s need to breathe freely.
I believe in the need to feel young, to feel free, and to be able to laugh or dance without a care in the world, regardless to who might be watching.

First and foremost, I believe the word freedom has less to do with our surroundings and more to do with how free we feel to be who we are without the worry of judgement, or worse, without worrying about rejection.

As old as I am or might become, if I am to stay young than I have to be young —and the only way this can happen is to nurture my ability to live, love and laugh as long as humanly possible.
I need to hold on to this as if I cannot let go, as if this is imperative is more important than my breathing itself—I need to hold this so then, this way, I will not let go . . .
And because I won’t let go, it means I can hold on to things like you and my youth between now and for always.

I view me as a child, still, and though grown, I am still this child; still looking, still searching, still looking to play games like Hide-and-go-seek or Kick-the-can, or listen to things like Simon Says or hear you call out, “Red light, green light, 1,2,3!” while “Mother May I” teaches us to be polite when circumstances become out of our control

My need to be young is equivalent to my need grow so that I can go on living this way for longer than eternity (Eternally) and so that one day, as old as I grow, I will still know what it means to have grass stains on my knees or play kickball in the schoolyard at noon.

Little kids kick rocks in playgrounds while little girls swing on swing-sets to try and swing high enough to kick the sun. They skip rope or toss jacks. Meanwhile, little boys are like little boys, pretending, and playing the rough stuff.

I want to be this young

As old as I am now or as old as I will ever become, my goal above all is to always be this way; to be young, to be free, to laugh, and to maintain my love affair with wonder.

And deep down, I know I wonder . . .

But do you?


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