And Love

And love . . .

Love is always changing, transforming, and emerging in new ways like an early sun before it takes over the sky, and I’m like, “Ah, here it comes.”
My love is always changing, always seeking and always yearning. It is always looking for the next level of awareness. And I say awareness because I see it like this:  I see love as something with its own view. I say love has its own way of seeing things —so I don’t agree when I here people say love is blind. I just say my love sees things differently and what you might call flaws, I would call pieces of your perfection.

I see love as a need, same as food or water. I see love as essential as breathing. The same as we need air to fill our lungs, I fully believe we need love to fill our hearts.

And the body, the shape, the size, the feeling of skin, flesh against flesh, love against love, and heart upon heart, of all creations in the world, wholeheartedly, there is nothing is as beautiful as this. End of story.

However, there are different versions of love. There are different layers of intimacy as well. And make no mistake, every interaction comes with a level of intimacy, —even the hateful ones come with different levels of intimacy because whether the source is outrage or a sensation of love, both are feelings that come from the heart.

I would love to believe that love is perfect, like a circle, unending and ongoing. I would love to believe that love has no boundaries, that love comes without pain, and that love never breaks, that hearts never hurt, and that love never makes mistakes or says or does the wrong things.
I would love to believe that love has the ability to overcome all, and above all, I would love to believe that love has the ability to heal the worst pains possible. But then again, maybe it can. Maybe the face of love in whichever form it comes is the only thing that can save us down here on this thing we call Project Earth.

I swear love can be intimidating. I swear that love above any is the bravest emotion to feel. And make no mistake, love is very real.
Love is equally as real as hate, which is why I always say the depth of my love is equal to the span of my hate, in which, if I can hate so badly; this means I can love equally as deeply. And that’s what I want to do. Live better, laugh longer, and love more deeply.

I say love comes with the sound of a voice. I say love comes in dreams and memories. I say love has the ability to brighten darkness and helps us weave through the winding roads that we walk along on a daily basis.
I say love is a memory of us when we were young and the entire family was over. I say love is that hug received from a relative you hadn’t seen for a while, and when they come over, you inhale them like an aroma with a big hug, and for that moment, all is right with the world.

I say love is like a sunset during a summer evening spent high above the buildings in Manhattan. I say love is a rooftop scenario where we can tell our thoughts and secrets to the heavens and we can smile a little because the feeling we feel cloaks us like the warmth of velvet in our bloodstream, pulsed by the heart, and coursing through our soul.

I say love is a father’s hand. I say love is a child’s hand.
Love is the bond. I say love when given has the ability to correct the unfixable, which is also why I also say there is nothing so strong as a mother’s love. I miss this and I keep her with me in many ways.
I am a grown man, but yet, I am still a little boy that misses his Mom. I suppose I always will be until I see her again.

I am a believer in love and its conditions, which are not always unconditional. Love is human; therefore, love comes with error. Love comes with faults; however, so long as there is love, and I do mean real love, there is always a way to find peace at heart.

I want my love to be this way, like a circle, unending and ongoing. I want my love to be inspired and inspirational. I want my friends to know I love them. I want my family to know I love them. I want my God to know I love Him too, because of all, to me, He is the ultimate listener.

I want my love to improve. I want my love to be felt, to be warm, to be like the vibration of sound, so that when my voice is heard, so will my love be heard, and as such, it will be welcomed and unbroken.

In this world we live in, there is the word before there is touch. There is nothing like a kind word in times of need. I know this. I want my love to be this way, to have the ability of touching without speaking, to do without saying and to say without doing. I want my love to be all-encompassing. But of all I know and of all I truly know; a love like this could never be perfected without love of one’s self.

This love is the toughest of all. Self love. To thine own self be true. I get this, but we are easily deceived when it comes to our inner self. We are easily swayed and easily deterred.
I want my love to be so that I can love me, accept me, and comfort me that same as I would comfort you.

And how much do I love you?
Truth is I love you with all of my heart.

And last, I believe love is the cure for loneliness.  And me, I want to love so deeply that even if no one is around, I will never feel lonely again. (Understand?)

Like a circle, unending, and ongoing.

amalfi coast



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